Anna is a New York transplant and has lived in the Denver area since 2008. Originally coming out to Colorado for her Master’s Degree, she and her now, husband, moved here with a love for skiing and the mountains, and decided leaving was not an option. Anna is a first time mama to an almost 1 year old fierce little girl. Anna is a stay at home mom that moonlights as a couples and individual therapist for a local private practice. When not working part-time, Anna enjoys visiting and drinking lots of coffee from all of the local Denver roasters with her witty husband, getting in lots of snuggles and walks in with her geriatric french bulldog, and drinking a fine glass of wine. On any given day, Anna is just trying to re-learn the walks of life through the eyes of her little, and adjust to this new world of mama-hood.

International Literacy Day – September 8th

When I think back to learning to read, all I remember is absolutely loving it. I don’t remember any hiccups in my learning, I just remember always enjoying it (and I still do!... when...

Dare! Take A Date Night!

As a relatively new mom (I'm only 18-months into this and still learning a lot), I have wondered how other parents had achieved this infamous “date night” I'd kept hearing about. The only time...

Saying Goodbye to the Family Dog

Good-bye is a word we are all accustomed to. Sometimes we meet again and sometimes the good-bye is forever. We may be privy to this information prior to the separation, yet good-byes are seldom...

Rent the Runway: A Nursing Mom’s Experience

Wedding season is upon us, and with it comes fun and excitement as we get the opportunity to share in the love and joy of these special people on their special day! However, attending...

International Women’s Day: Denver Style

As of late, there has been exponential awareness, acknowledgement, and engagement regarding women’s rights and reigniting discussions surrounding the existing gender disparities women face across many platforms of life. On March 8th, women and...

Cloth Diapers: The Loves and the hates

Before our little girl was born, I did A LOT of research. Like most new parents, one of the things I thought about was diapers. I considered the many different brands, the diaper pail,...

Going against the Grain: Saying No to Social Media

Full disclaimer: I’m a glutton for social media. I have been since I started using Facebook my freshman year of college (gasp! 12 years ago!). I am guilty of posting selfies, pictures of my...

Touché Mom-Bod

Growing up, I hated to run. Despised it, actually. Mainly that’s because I never really knew how to run. I know… you’re questioning the logistics of actual running, but I promise, it’s a thing....

Dairy And Gluten Free Holiday Meal Ideas

Well, we are fully submerged into the holiday season! Whether you are hosting this year or are an eager visiting guest, the holidays are usually full of lots of food, fun, laughter, and, of course,...