Alaina F

Alaina is a married mother of five living in Denver. A Florida transplant, she married and moved to Denver in 1996. After leaving the workforce in 2000 to stay home with her first child, Alaina discovered that finding a job online required a lot of research. In 2009 she founded Telecommuting Moms, a site dedicated to helping moms find legitimate work from home. Alaina also works from home as a social media manager. While Alaina enjoys her online career, the majority of her day is spent homeschooling her kids and providing care for foster children. She also serves as a taxi driver shuttling her five kids ranging in age from three to seventeen to all of their sports and activities. Their family enjoys getting outdoors hiking, picnicking, and geocaching around the Denver area. Connect with Alaina on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.
Teens and Tweens - The Easy Stage of Parenting | DMMB

Teens and Tweens – The Not So Easy Stage of Parenting

So your kids have reached the so called "magical age"? The easy stage of parenting you've been waiting for?? They're teens and tweens and can all dress themselves, feed themselves, bathe independently, and buckle in...
Tips on Keeping Kids Safe Online

A Social Media Pro’s Tips on Keeping Kids Safe Online

I am a mom of five kids ranging in age from 3 to 17. I am a foster mom, a homeschooling mom, a stay-at-home mom, a work from home mom, a mommy blogger. Lots...
Denver Area Spring Bucket List

Denver Area Spring Bucket List 2017

Spring is always a great time of year in Colorado. It is the time of the year when the Colorado weather can't make up its mind... is it going to snow or pretend it's...

Best Denver Area Pizza : A Complete Guide

No matter where you live, finding good pizza is a must. Picky kids and foodie adults alike can agree that when nothing else sounds good, pizza is usually sure to hit the spot. And...
best splash pads and swimming pools

Denver’s Best Splash Pads and Swimming Pools

Summer is here and while you're making that summer bucket list don't forget to to check out Denver's best splash pads and swimming pools in your part of town. Splash pads are all the...
Denver Summer Bucket List 2016 | DMMB

Denver Summer Bucket List 2016

Summer is upon us and if you're like me, you want to make sure you soak up every ounce of enjoyment out of it that you can. Having some free time and relaxing is...
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Denver Spring Activities Guide 2016

While winter is always a fun time in Colorado, many of us jump with joy at the thought of spring arriving. Flowers, outdoor activities, and lots of family fun make spring in Denver a...
Kids Eat Free Denver | DMMB

Kids Eat Free in Denver

Every mom needs a night off from cooking now and then, but you don't have to break the bank in order to afford a meal out on the town with your family. Follow this...
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The ULTIMATE Guide to Denver Holiday Events

Well, the weather has officially turned, and the holidays are really already upon us! With so much shopping and cooking to do, make sure you leave time for some of these wonderful Denver...
Etsy Finds For The New Home | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Favorite Etsy Finds For a New Home

  I love shopping on Etsy for all kinds of items, but I became slightly Etsy obsessed when we moved into our new home last year. The great thing about Etsy is the huge variety...
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10 Things Homeschool Moms Want You to Know

The world of moms can sometimes be intimidating and scary. Moms have a tendency to judge other moms hence the never ending mommy wars. Career moms versus stay-at-home moms, breastfeeding moms versus formula...

Preparing Your Family to Welcome Foster Kids Into Your Home

Once your family has made the decision to get involved in fostering, there is a long list of things that need to be accomplished. Among the many logistical items involved are training classes, paperwork,...

Geocaching :: Share this Family Adventure!

Geocaching has become one of our favorite family activities over recent years, especially during the summer when we are looking for any excuse to get outdoors. For those not familiar with geocaching, it's basically a...
Things Foster Parents Want You To Know | Denver Metro Moms Blog

5 Things Foster Parents Want You To Know

May is National Foster Care Month, making it a great time to focus on ways we can all help the more than 400,000 children and youth in foster care. People may think they do...