Audra W

Audra is a Colorado mountain girl turned Denver Metro suburbanite. She is wife to her high school sweetheart, mother to a wonderfully unconventional teenager, and servant to a variety of four-legged creatures. She has enjoyed the experience of staying home with her son, loving (and sometimes simply surviving) the many tasks of motherhood. Hand in hand with her husband and kiddo, she’s faced bugs and mud, picky eating wars, teenage challenges, and the many stages of autism. Through it all, she has found strength, love, and a healthy appreciation for good humor (also wine). Currently, she is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, embracing her passion for technology and working towards a career in software development.
Women resting her head on her arms

November’s Eve Resolution: Avoid the Post-Holiday Letdown

Well, the holidays are approaching -- No! No! Don’t run! It’s okay. I’m just here to talk. Sit down. Stop shaking. We’re going to be okay. Here’s a paper bag. Breathe deeply. Breathe. Believe me,...

How Bullying Affects Us All

I thought our son was relatively safe from the whole bullying experience, and I was surprised that when my friend asked him how he liked middle school, he replied, without hesitation, “There aren’t any...
Math Homework Help to the Rescue!

Math Homework Help to the Rescue!

If there is any one force that can reduce an entire family to tears and tantrums, it’s a child’s math homework. We’ve all been there. We all have the scars to prove it. In...
Family playing games

Games and Activities That Are Truly Fun for All Ages

You hang up the phone and realize that you just invited your whole family over for the weekend. What are you going to do? The kids usually find things to play with, and the...
School supplies and notebook that says back to school

Tips for Organizing Back-To-School

August, or “Dooms Day” as my son calls it, is upon us. It’s time for the kiddos to head back to school and for moms everywhere to figure out how the heck they’re going...
A boy walking his dog along a path

How Our Pets Save Us from Laziness, Loneliness, and Monsters under the Bed

As a child, I always loved having pets, but it wasn’t until I was an adult with my own child that I realized how important pets can be to a family. We currently have...
A boy holding up a bullfrog to the camera

Adventuring With Kids Who Love Bugs and Snakes and Other Creepy Crawlies

Much of my motherhood has involved the supervision of, participation in, and the occasional screaming panic of bug and critter hunting {the screaming comes from all large spiders – blech!}. My son LOVES things...

Getting My Teenager to Talk

As the mother of a teen, I’m always looking for ways to increase communication with my son. When he was younger, my husband and I used to encourage conversation by leaving things out around...
I Stopped Saying "Should" | Denver Metro Moms Blog

I Stopped Saying the Word “Should” for One Month

Not too long ago, I reached a point in motherhood where I constantly talked about the things I "should" be doing: I should take care of my health. I should spend more time reading...
Taking Kids to the Movies | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Mission Possible:: Taking Kids to the Movies

Our family loves going to the movies! As parents of a teenager, we are enjoying the fact that he is old enough to come with us to most of the movies we want to...
A boy, standing on a boulder with his arms up

How Our Son’s Autism Is Like Our Hike to Hanging Lake

When our son was about to enter second grade, we decided to visit Glenwood Springs on a mini vacation. We were in the middle of trying to figure out the best schooling options for...
5 Unexpected things at the library

Five Unexpected Things We Discovered at the Library

My son and I have spent many an hour at the local library over the last several years. We mainly visited Arapahoe Library District branches, and in the process of searching for every book...