Brianna Hill Kastner resides on the high plains of Colorado in Stratton with her husband and two kids under three. They returned last year after living three years abroad in Shanghai. When she isn’t having power struggles with her two-year-old or nursing her baby, she is working on being a creative mom. She is crossing her fingers for casting to begin for Real Housewives of Eastern Colorado. From time to time she can post blog entries at Give her life's greatest affirmation by liking her on Facebook. Her work has been featured on Listen to Your Mother, Boulder, Pregnant Chicken, International Teacher’s Magazine, The Mighty and Scary Mommy.
DIY portrait art

Creating DIY Family Portrait Art in Four Simple Steps

It can be really fun to get crafty with kiddos, but do you ever get the itch to channel your inner artistic genius make a piece of art yourself? Or perhaps you're looking for...

The Three Mistakes I Made When Weaning

Four weeks ago, I weaned my 20-month-old. We have both had our share of tears over this ordeal. With my little miss, it was a much harder endeavor than it was with my first...

The Three Things I Did to Stop Drowning in all the Things

I am not technically a hoarder, but I have hoarding tendencies. What I mean by that is, I may have found uneaten Halloween candy from fifth grade just a few years ago.  The worst part...

How to Not Drop the Teacher Appreciation Ball

This is my 9th year teaching, and I have had some amazing teacher appreciation weeks and some that were a little more lame. If you send your kids to school, chances are, you’ve got...

Earth Day: Be Bee Friendly and Protect Your Kids

It’s Earth Day! And even though you didn’t recycle that milk jug with the “solidified milk” inside, you can still potentially redeem yourself in the land of eco-karma by being a bee friendly citizen. I...

5 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! You may have never even heard of this holiday which is mostly celebrated in other countries, or you have seen calls for movements such as #adaywithoutwomen. I lived in Shanghai for...

Real Life: We Were Squatters

Pick a camp, you will either think we were lunatics or geniuses. Last year we moved nine times in 12 months...with a baby. That’s right, I moved as many times as I would normally mop...

Hiring a Sleep Coach

Lack of sleep, to me, is the hardest part of parenting. I am not one of those people who functions well on just a few hours. My two-year-old son has always been a terrible sleeper...