Dani N

Dani is a loud, Italian, New York transplant who came to Colorado for college and never left. It was there she met the love of her life and very best friend and put down roots in Denver. Mama to the wildest almost-2-year old little boy in town, she is a retired therapist (at least for now), works full time as a mom, and works part time as a floral designer out of her home. She’s a home body, loves to cook, and defines cleaning as making sure everything “looks pretty.” Motherhood has pretty much blown all of her expectations out of the water and she’s still trying to figure out where, how, and when to come up for air. Dry shampoo has become a way of life because showers have become nearly impossible. Her husband, houseplants, and life long girlfriends keep her sane on this incredible (and at times, bewildering) adventure.
New Season. New Grief.

Preparing for a New Season

So, you may or may not be used to me by now and my Debbie Downer tendencies. I like to tell people I'm actually an idealist! But since we live in a world that...
Cozy Fall Breakfast Ideas | DMMB

Cozy Fall Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Last month I shared with you all about one of our Saturday morning rituals of making an extra special cozy breakfast. That particular day it was our from scratch biscuits with chicken, bacon, and honey....

Beginners Guide to Backyard Chickens

We raised our first chicks about 6-years-ago after buying our first home. It had an adorable old shed that would quickly and easily translate into a chicken coop for the babes we picked out...

Life Before 8AM {Dani}

"See and appreciate the significance in the mundane, in the everyday, in the fleeting. The big moments are important, but some of the best moments are the in-between ones.” – Karen Jacot Photography I was...
I'm Still Breastfeeding My Toddler | DMMB

I’m Still Breastfeeding My Toddler . . . There, I Said It

The secrets out...I'm still breastfeeding my toddler You might be rolling your eyes, automatically logging me into to the categories of crunchy, hippy, or helicopter parent, I mean, I probably would have 5-years-ago, too. Let me...
For The LOVE of Alton Sterling | DMMB

For the Love of Alton Sterling: A Lament

Disclosure :: Denver Metro Moms Blog seeks to honor the voices of all moms living in Colorado. We understand and respect that this may be a controversial topic, but we ask that you read...

How Does Your Garden Grow: Tips for Gardening with Kids

Before we had our son, my husband and I had our cats, our pup, and our garden. We'd spend evenings in the yard grilling, feeding the chickens scraps from the table, watering, and tediously...

Barbecue Queen: Spice up your Memorial Day!

We are so excited that our partners at Sprouts Farmers Market asked us to share our favorite burger sauce recipes with you. These recipes are sure to spice up your Memorial Day and get...

No means No. Except when it doesn’t.

I love the English language. I love it's clarity, the potential for great precision. I love that 100 different words mean almost the same thing, but each is nuanced in a way that may...
Joy & Grief of Motherhood | DMMB

Mixed Feelings: The Joy and Grief of Motherhood

I really love being a mom, I do. I love it more than I had ever anticipated I could. I take and post about a million pictures of my smiley, handsome, bright, mind-blowingly awesome...
Denver Area Easter Egg Hunts & Fun 2016 | DMMB

Denver Guide to Easter Fun

Looking for something fun to do with the whole family for Easter? Denver metro never fails to have something for everyone. Whether you're looking for egg hunts to delight all of your little...

Love Sees Color:: Let’s Talk Black History Month

It's Black History Month, and I'm a White mom with a White husband and a White kid. I'm guessing you're probably wondering what it is I have to say on the matter...being White and...
Mom Style: Fashion & Function with a Toddler | DMMB

Mom Style: Fashion and Function with a Toddler

I recently chatted with some women about clothing shopping and whether it's best to shop for cheap seasonal fashion or to invest in classic timeless pieces. In my previous life (as a professional), before...