Jeni A

Jeni teaches communications at the University of Denver and is mom to two crazy, creative little girls, 8-year-old Evelyn, and 6-year-old Alice. Jeni loves to travel and is committed to taking her girls all over the world if she can help it, but having grown up in Colorado, knows she will always call it home. An introvert with a dry sense of humor, she is known to call it like she sees it - all with a smile on her face. Jeni writes about life as a working mom, the intersection of media and culture, and what it's like to raise girls in an age of constant scrutiny. You can find her at or on Twitter and Instagram.
Flu Season Survival Kit - Denver Moms

2020 Flu Season Survival Toolkit for Moms

The flu season is happening people, and if you haven't had the flu at your house, be prepared. Moms, here's what you'll need to keep you sane when the plague takes over. TV. iPad....
A Thank You Note to Teachers in a Time of Tragedy | Denver Metro Moms Blog

A Thank You Note to Teachers in a Time of Tragedy

Yesterday a young man lost his life. Many more were injured. Another school shooting. Another day of fear, pain, and loss. Another day for parents all over the Denver Metro area to hold their...
Parenting Big Kids: What Kind of Parent are You Now? | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Parents of Big Kids: What Kind of Mom Are You?

  Parents, as my kids get older and more settled in to elementary school life, I find myself having the same conversation with more and more mothers: How are you handling this parenting gig? What do...
Kid-Friendly Local Coffee | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Best Kid-Friendly Coffee Shops Around Denver

Coffee around Denver is experiencing something of a moment right now. Everywhere you turn, you’ll find a new amazing coffee roaster with a quaint café, nitro cold brew on tap, house-made syrups, and delicious pastries....
Denver Moms Favorite Books of 2018 | Denver Moms

Best Books of 2018: The Must-Read List of Our Favorite Books

  As moms, many of us spend a lot of time reading books to our children and researching the best books for children. It's incredibly important for their development and helps them become lifelong readers...
TV: Why You Should Be Watching More of It | Denver Metro Moms Blog

TV: Why You Should Be Watching More of It

My family is in a weird place when it comes to TV watching. Yes, we watch TV, and a pretty decent amount of it, and we always have and it’s FINE. It's just called something...

On Your First Day of Kindergarten : A Reprise

Two years ago, I wrote a letter to my daughter on her first day of Kindergarten. That two years has gone by in a blur, a blur in which she's learned to read and...

Tips and Tricks for Managing Your Picky or Resistant Eater

Picky eaters. We all know them. Maybe you're even one of them. From an outsider's perspective it might not seem like a big deal, but when you're the parent of a picky eater and...

How To Celebrate Kids With December Birthdays

Ah December. Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, New Year's Eve, even National Eat an Apple Day. December is full of holidays. It's a flurry of activity. Shopping, decorating, Santa visits, wrapping up the semester, visits from...
Life After Birth Control | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Life After 20 Years on Birth Control

Like millions of women in the US today, I was in my teens when I started taking the birth control pill. I wanted to be responsible, and it was the best way I knew...

Frozen the Musical in Denver: What to Expect

Frozen the Musical is playing for a seven-week run in Denver before it heads to Broadway! We took our kiddos and have the low down on everything you can expect if you're lucky enough...

Mom Life: How To Know When to Interrupt a Stranger

We sat down with the food to watch the kids play, and she looked up and wiped a tear from her face. It was red and splotchy, her eyes vacant. I looked sidelong at my...

Mid-Summer Struggles: When all of your good ideas are at the bottom of the...

Remember in May? When you happily waved goodbye to your children and trotted off to work, or to the gym, or to Target, where you could peruse the aisles, child-free? And you thought to...

Room Sharing: How to Put More Than One Kid in a Bedroom

When people find out my daughters share a room, they inevitably have tons of questions. Can it work when they are babies? How does bedtime work? What about nap time? Is there sibling rivalry?...