Kate S

Kate grew up in Colorado Springs, but now calls Littleton home. She is a stay-at-home mama to her curious and adorable toddler, Benjamin, and wife to her curious and adorable husband of nine years, Rob! In her pre-mom life Kate loved teaching high school French, and hopes to one day get back into the classroom. When not chasing around her child, Kate enjoys snuggling, swimming, dancing, movies, trivia, books, a good crossword puzzle, and all things food-related. She also loves spending time with family and friends, and lazy days.
7 Great Denver Metro Donut Shops | DMMB

6 Great Denver Metro Doughnut Shops

Few things bring me back to childhood the way a doughnut does. Doughnuts are a part of several memories. I remember sprinting through my "cool-down" during my summer swim practices to snag...

A Toddler-Approved Music Playlist

If your toddler is anything like my two-year-old, he or she will want to listen to the same song again, and again. And again. Over. And OVER You get the picture... I can't tell you how...

Honey, I’m Ovulating! (And Freaking Out)

I looked down at the ovulation stick and saw not one, but two pink lines. I headed downstairs and sweetly called to my husband, "Honey, I'm ovulating!"  We both smiled and were excited that tonight...

The Domestic Feminist

I'm a feminist. There. I've said it. I know these last few months have brought about a lot of feelings regarding this word from all sides. While this post could go in...

Motherly Advice

I recently rummaged through a plastic tub in my closet in which I keep mementos and things for my son. You know - hospital bracelet, the "coming home" outfit, his certificate for completing his...

My New Year’s Goals

As the new year approaches, I find myself feeling that ingrained expectation to make resolutions and start to better myself.  There are the obvious ones: lose weight, start an exercise regimen, save "x" amount of...

A Mother’s Embrace

Hug: noun, "an act of holding someone tightly in one's arms, typically to express affection." There are hugs we will never forget: the first cradle of our children, a sofa snuggle with a new love,...

Picture Me Here

I hate getting my picture taken. I never think I look cute enough or thin enough or put-together enough. Even though I am a nostalgic person by nature, I tend to avoid the picture...

The Library: More than Just Books!

I've had a love affair with the library for as long as I can remember. I've always been a bookworm, but I also love borrowing music and movies, learning something new, or just...
share a love for reading with raise a reader program

Fostering a Love of Reading with “Raise a Reader”

We are so thankful for our sponsors at Jefferson County Public Library for providing this wonderful opportunity to experience their Raise a Reader program firsthand! I know I'm risking sounding like a broken record here,...
Brunch for Beginners | DMMB

The At-Home Brunch for Beginners

I think I'm a latecomer to the "brunch" movement. I've only brunched for a couple years now, but I know for some people, brunch is a serious event. It's a weekend activity...

Sparking Joy: Tidying My Home

Those of you reading this who actually know me are probably laughing at me already, but hear me out! Marie Kondo's books Spark Joy and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, aren't really about cleaning...
I Had an ECV | Denver Metro Moms Blog

I Had an ECV: External Cephalic Version

  I had a "normal," "average" pregnancy more or less. Aside from the unpleasant symptoms, I didn't really have any problems. All was going according to plan, until my last ultrasound revealed that the baby...
A Letter to My One Year Old

A Letter to My One-year-old

  Dear One-year-old, This year has flown by, and I just want time to stop so I can cuddle what little bit of "baby" is left a little longer. I am writing you this letter...