Katie Stoddard

Katie is a Denver transplant from Chicago (go Cubs!) and a working mom to twins William and Amelia. She moved to Denver in 2003 and hasn’t looked back since, but the weather and mountains play a big part in that. Katie married her husband, Peter, in 2011 and welcomed two little dogs into the mix a few years before the kiddos came. When not working or juggling two babies, Katie loves to cook gluten-free treats and other delicious recipes including homemade baby food and dog treats. A former middle school teacher, Katie works in K-12 publishing and professional development and is passionate about education. Katie and her husband love checking out new restaurants, doing house projects, binge-watching shows on Netflix, and taking their clan out for neighborhood walks and hikes.
Planning An Affordable First Birthday Party | DMMB

How to Plan an Affordable First Birthday Party

Does first birthday party planning have you overwhelmed? Mama, me too! Celebrating your baby’s first birthday is an exciting day for parents and babies alike. It’s a wonderful way to reflect on the first year...

Car Seat Safety :: My Visit to Colchin Automotive

We are so thankful for our sponsors at Colchin Automotive for providing this wonderful opportunity to learn more about car seat safety and experience their superior customer service firsthand! When the opportunity arose for me...

Best Ice Cream Shops in Denver

The 90+ degree weather we’ve been “enjoying” these last few weeks brings to light the need for one of summer’s most quintessential treats—ice cream. Denver is no stranger to quirky and classic ice cream...

End of the School Year Teacher Gifts

As the end of the school year is swiftly approaching, it’s time to reflect on the fact that there is an adult out there who spent every day with your child (and probably 100...

The Truth about Homework

Homework is a topic of discussion that often turns into a battle and many parents, teachers, and students have strong opinions on the subject. Do a quick search for “homework” on Amazon’s books...

My Curated List of Top Baby Gear

There’s no doubt that everyone you talk to will offer advice on anything to do with your new baby and with that, I too am offering advice with a select list of my top...
Before 8am Katie | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Life Before 8am {Katie}

"See and appreciate the significance in the mundane, in the everyday, in the fleeting. The big moments are important, but some of the best moments are the in-between ones." - Karen Jacot Photography When the...
Allergen Free Valentine's Day Treats | DMMB

Allergen Free Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays where chocolates, sweets, and other treats fill our homes, offices, and schools, but once again, many of our kids can’t enjoy them because of various allergens. These...