Kim Hughes

Kim originally hails from the mid-Atlantic region. A year of volunteer service with Americorps brought her and her husband out to Denver, and the culture of the city kept them here. They welcomed their daughter into their family in June of 2015 which sparked new callings for Kim. After being the communications manager of a sustainability nonprofit for years, she became a stay at home mother and started her own videography business. She and her husband love to hike, visit breweries and dine out, and they are working on getting their toddler to love these things as well!
hygge & re-lighting the flame

Hygge and Re-lighting the Flame

Recently, I hopped aboard the Hygge train. Actually, I realized that I’ve been on this train all along; but, there exists a name for it. Hygge - a word describing the Danish art of comfort,...
Work Life Balance (when you work from home) | DMMB

Work Life Balance [when you work from home]

When I quit my job to stay at home with my baby, I thought, "What a great opportunity to start my own business and work from home!" I had always dreamed of doing videography...
Survival Parenting Mode

Survival Parenting

The seasons of parenting sometimes change as often as the daily tides. The tough times come and go, sometimes rapidly. But there are times when a tough season of parenting is particularly long, when...
When the baby rejects her father

When the Baby Rejects Her Father

My daughter was 22-months-old when I wanted to become a single mom. I felt as though it would be easier than what I had been enduring... For the first year of her life, my husband...
When Baby Knows Best

When Baby Knows Best

When baby knows best?! Has it not been drilled into our heads that mother knows best? Well, I'm here to say that, sometimes, it's not mama who should be calling the shots. Our mother's instinct...
A Registry For Mama!

A Registry for Mama!

While I was pregnant, I spent so much time on the future needs of my baby that it took up as much time as a second job would have. My spreadsheet of needs was...
Postpartum Insomnia

The Cruel Irony of Postpartum Insomnia

Postpartum depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and psychosis; the childbirth classes introduced me to all of those terms and then I expanded my knowledge when I started attending a postpartum support group. But not once...
Back Away from the Books!

Back Away From the Books!

By nature, I am a mathematician. I have lived my life believing there is a right answer for every problem. I am also a scientist, in that I believe that if there is not...
A Valentine for the Moms

A Valentine for the Moms

A year and a half into my journey of becoming a new mother, I feel a strong need to recognize and thank all of the mothers who have helped me along the way. From...
The Missed Connection | Denver Metro Moms Blog

The Missed Connection

The first moments we dream about happening after giving birth: peaceful bliss, breathing in your new baby’s scent, and feeling a love that you never knew existed. These are the moments that we are...

Wannabe Crunchy Mom

. I have a confession: I love the crunchy lifestyle. And another confession: I do not have one. It was probably my move to Colorado and my year of service through Americorps that created my fascination for the granola...
When Breastfeeding Became Dangerous | Denver Metro Moms Blog

When Breastfeeding Became Dangerous

"Oh no," I thought as I looked down at the scale. It was 10 months after I had given birth. I hadn't even been curious to step on a scale since my 6 week postpartum...