Leah Hazley

Leah is a Florida girl and moving to Colorado has been a shock to her flip-flops. Her adventures as a travel nurse have landed her here in Denver with a permanent position at the children’s hospital. She is here with her dancing queen two year old and husband of five years. They are big travelers and her daughter has even collected a couple of stamps in her passport already. Leah has been blogging for three years at MrsHazleyAndABaby and really enjoys blogging as her creative outlet. She has a passion for her faith in Christ and loves singing on her church’s worship team. Snowboarding has become a new hobby and she will soon add renovating an old Denver home to her list of great things to do with a two year old. She is really excited to create a sense of community with other moms in the Denver metro area

On-Demand Care With Hippo Health

As a Pediatric nurse, I am constantly receiving calls from my friends and family, asking for medical advice on nights and weekends. Along with my advice, I always encourage them to try and contact their...

I Gave Up My Dream Job To Go Part Time

I let go of the job I've been dreaming of since the start of my career to spend more time with my kids and I don't regret it. Not even a little bit. I...

The Wrong Breastmilk

You read that title correctly! My baby got someone else's breastmilk at daycare. I don't know if I'd ever had this fear before it happened... Some moms may fear their breastfed babies getting formula. Either...

Postpartum Hair Loss Sucks

There is no way around it. No way to sugar coat it, or look on the bright side. I am a glass half full kind of girl and even I can't see the purpose of...

Shopping For Seasons

I've dared to dream of a life with seasons. I say "dare" because, despite the humidity, many people would give anything to live in my home state of Florida. No snow, endless beaches, and green all...
Best Holiday Cocktails | Denver Moms

Delicious Holiday Cocktail Recipes

Being festive during the holiday season is so much fun, why not add a cheery touch to your drinks, as well? Heat your outsides by the fire and your insides with a cocktail. I'm...

Full Time To Part Time

I will soon return to work from my maternity leave, but unlike the first time around I will be returning as a part time employee. This move from full time to part time is...

A Toddler, A Newborn, and A Fixer Upper

It's not usually that a mama gives birth and closes on a new house in the same week. But as crazy as it seems, my family embarked on exactly this journey just over a month...
My Facebook Friends List This November | DMMB

My Facebook Friends List This November

Let's face it. Our Facebook friends are important to us, but not critical.  And around November of an election year, our friends list can change drastically. Emotions run high and picking the next President of the United...
I Feel So Black | DMMB

I Feel So Black

"It's times like these that I feel so black." It was a statement I didn't set out to express to this sweet, white woman who sat across from me. What would she think about...

The Pros And Cons To A Late Bedtime

I have had this conversation with many moms, discussing the pro and cons to having a child with a late bedtime. As things come full circle for my family and we welcome a new...

Last Summer As An Only Child

Life as she knows it is going to change forever. Her time as an only child is expiring at the end of the summer and I want to make this an incredible one for...
Fearing Postpartum Anxiety | DMMB

Don’t Panic: Fearing Postpartum Anxiety with #2

My hands are shaking and I feel like I could relive every bite of that McDonald’s I ate on the way to my Pilates class. The Pilates class that I just had a panic...

Life Before 8am {Leah H.}

"See and appreciate the significance in the mundane, in the everyday, in the fleeting. The big moments are important, but some of the best moments are the in-between ones." - Karen Jacot Photography When I...