Megan G

Megan grew up in the Midwest until she made a break for Colorado. She has loved every minute of her 10+ years with a mountain view – especially the part where she met her husband and became a mama! She is currently coping with the craziness of having a tween and a baby at the same time, and loving every minute of it. Megan enjoys making people laugh, posting Instagram stories, and any opportunity to sing karaoke. Megan loves telling stories, and she is thrilled to be sorting through the excitement of motherhood with the other Denver Metro mamas!
Screens and Tweens: One Uptight Mom's Opinion | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Tweens and Screens: One Uptight Mom’s Opinion

If there's one thing I know for certain, it's that everyone's got opinions about kids and their screens.  As the mom of a tween, this is especially in my face right now, and it's a...
Positive Parenting : Learning to Be a Yes Mom

Positive Parenting Adventures : Learning to Be a Yes Mom

I have to admit something. I am not a fun, easy going, "yes" mom.  I'm not proud of it. I would love to write instead that I am an "of course you can, darling!" mom who...
I'm Going to Miss Being Pregnant | Denver Metro Moms Blog

I’m Going to Miss Being Pregnant

As I write this, I am holding my newborn daughter. How does this happen? I was 5 weeks pregnant just a hot minute ago, right? Pregnancy is one of the weirdest ways yet I...

Making a Baby (When it Takes a Village)

When my husband and I sat down and decided together that we were ready to have a baby, we had no idea what the process would look like. We knew full well after walking...
On the Other Side of Infertility | Denver Metro Moms Blog

On the Other Side of Infertility

When I was newly pregnant and we started telling our close friends, one of them asked me a question right off the bat: have you written about it yet? The answer, until today, was no. I...
The Terrible Tween Years | Denver Metro Moms Blog

The Terrible Tween Years – One Mom’s Approach

It happens so fast. One minute it's all dolls and dress up and occasional uncomfortable questions about where babies come from, and the next it's YouTube channels and "do I have a uni-brow?" and very specific...

Things to Keep in Your Purse to Make it Look Like You’ve Got Your...

I learned a trick, you guys, and I'm here today to share it with you. It's about how to make it look like you've got your mess together - 24/7. And don't worry -...

The 5 Stages of Posting on a Neighborhood Facebook Page

As far as I can tell, neighborhood Facebook pages are all the rage right now. Searching Facebook, there are endless combinations for south metro Denver, where we live - including the one I belong...

Making Mom Friends

We are sitting on the couch after a long day away at a volleyball tournament. My daughter is in bed, and my husband is watching a football game. I'm scrolling Instagram when my phone...

Does everyone know about therapy?

Full disclosure: I am a therapist. I am licensed in professional and addictions counseling, respectively, and work in the behavioral health field full time. I am writing this first and foremost not as a therapist,...

September State of Mind

Back to school season, as a parent, comes with all kinds of stress and commitments. As much as we long for it on those long days of summer, through the "I'm boreds" and the "what...

How to Be There for Someone Going Through a Thing

Hi, friends. I'm here to talk about something that no one likes, and that is when you have a friend going through something hard, but especially and specifically when it is a thing you...

Let’s All Be Cheerleaders

Something I'm hearing a lot about nowadays is this gross trend of mom-shaming or mom-judging. You know - someone says something to you about your parenting, obviously convinced they are doing you/your kid/the world...

Toughen Up, Buttercup

I have what you might call a "sensitive" child. One of those - if you look at me sideways I may burst into tears - children. I too am a sensitive human - I feel big feelings......