Sara B

Sara is a Denver native – a proud graduate of East High and UC Denver. She used to be in the IT biz, but retired from the office job to stay home when her twin boys were born. In addition to her boys, she just had a baby girl and is surprised about how much easier and harder it is the second (third?) time around, but is doing her best to keep it all together. She is married to Mark – they’ve shared 7 years of wedded bliss but compliment each other so well, you’d think it was many more! Sara has an affinity for the color green, loves music, loves food, loves her fur baby Dash, is great at styling hair with BBQ sauce, and would be a very formidable trivia opponent!

It’s Been 30 Years Since We Lost You

Today marks the day you were taken from us. From me. It's been 30 years. And there is so much you have missed. So many of my first days of school. My first camp away from home....

Favorite Mom Fashion Blogs

A few months ago I put together an Action Plan to get back to a better, happier version of myself.  One of my steps was to be willing to spend a little money on...

Skip the Line with Sam’s Club Scan & Go

I woke up yesterday and started to get the kids ready for the day, when it happened. After asking the boys to get their clothes on for what must have been the fiftieth time, I...

Action Plan to a Better Me

When I look in the mirror, I don't recognize myself these days. I look dull, shabby, tired. Maybe it's being spit up on daily by an 8-month-old, non-napping, not interested in solids, teething baby,...
The Last Embryo | Denver Metro Moms Blog

The Last Embryo

When you struggle with infertility, a great deal of time is spent thinking about the immediate next steps you must take to get to your end goal. You are consumed with "if x happens,...
Star Wars Day Room Transformation | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Star Wars Room Transformation

My husband and I are big Star Wars fans, and we have shared (err... indoctrinated??) our love for all things Star Wars with our twin boys.  (They probably know more Star Wars trivia then...

Making Good Choices: Helping kids with decision making and goal setting

It's interesting to take a moment from time to time to imagine what life would be like if you had made different decisions. This came up recently during my 9 year wedding anniversary. I...
More Sleep with the Dream Feed | Denver Metro Moms Blog

More Sleep with the Dream Feed

Before my boys were born, as part of my husband's benefits, I worked with a lactation consultant. For free! Amazing right? Breastfeeding support from an employer. I digress... The lactation consultant and I discussed...
Life Before 8am : Sara | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Happy Valentines Day, You’re a Mom!

I love Valentines Day. I mean, I used to like it when I was a kid, and even later into adulthood; I'd get some flowers and eat some heart-shaped chocolates (how could eating chocolate ever...
What's in a Name? | Denver Metro Moms Blog

What’s in a Name?

I'm 2-4 weeks away from giving birth to a baby girl (depending on how high my blood pressure decides to be at any given appointment) and she has no name. Right now she is...

What to expect when you’re expected to have babies in the NICU

We were having twins and were told in a Multiples Class that twins and triplets tend to come early (the average length of a twin pregnancy is 36 weeks) and to expect to spend...

Twins! Not the horror you may have imagined

When we found out that we were having twin boys, I was thrilled (insert long infertility story here) and I was terrified!  I wasn't sure what to expect, but to see the startled looks...
Decoding Infertility Forums | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Decoding Infertility Forums

Our infertility journey started about 6-years-ago in a bit of a strange way. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for about 8-months or so when I had severe abdominal...

An Open Letter: Can We Stop Making Fathers Look Dumb?

Dear Advertising Agencies, Marketing Strategists, and Media Organizations, Can you please stop representing fathers as dumb? It's really driving me and all of my fellow mom friends crazy. I get that dads can have dumb...