Sarah E

Sarah is almost a Colorado native who has been enjoying life on the Front Range since the age of 5. She and her husband are raising a rambunctious 1-year-old girl in Littleton.

Sarah loves travel, family, food, the outdoors, and new experiences. She and her husband were about to move to Chile after having lived in Japan for two years when they were surprised by the news of their first pregnancy. What pleasant surprises parenthood and “settling down” have turned out to be!

She now runs a daycare out of their home, sings in a folk band {Silver String Theater}, and aspires to be a valuable part of this amazing resource for parents in Metro Denver!

Five Tips to Prepare Your Child for Daycare

As a home daycare provider and a mother to two young children, I have a unique point of view when it comes to daycare readiness. After searching for a suitable daycare for many...
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Simple Toddler – Approved Recipes

Feeding a toddler. Anyone who has tried knows that it can be difficult to find healthy recipes that toddlers will eat. My main motivator in trying out new recipes is ease. If it has...

Baby-Proofing 101

After those first exciting moments of mobility anywhere from 4- to 10-months, you will start to notice that your home is full of dangerous baby bait. No matter how many stimulating toys you offer...
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Beneficial Baby Activities: 6-12 Months Old

Hey there, pro! You’re entering the second half of your baby’s first year and I bet you feel like you’ve been at this for years already (and also, that your little one was only...
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Beneficial Baby Activities:: 0-6 Months

After nine {but let’s be real, it’s actually ten} months of joyful anticipation, research via baby books, birthing classes, and dreams, you finally have your sweet newborn in your arms. In these first moments,...

Five Tips for Increasing Milk Supply

For me, it happened when E was seven months old. A sudden and dramatic drop in my milk supply happened just a couple of months after returning to work, making the whole mothering gig...
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Yes, We Sleep Trained Our Baby

Baby sleep. I believe, aside from what kind of sustenance you feed your baby (breast milk vs. formula), how you handle their sleep must be the most guilt-inducing and divisive topic for parents in...

What My Husband Taught Me About Loving Our Daughter

“They just don’t get it. They’ll never get it,” I told my best friend over the phone days after her first baby was born. We were speaking about our husbands, who can somehow blissfully...
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My Own Personal Mommy War

I can still remember the pain from the night my daughter flat out refused me for the fifth day in a row. I never got to have closure in our breastfeeding relationship. She was...

Toddlers on a Plane!

  I did it, and I survived! I traveled on an airplane with my one year old. And you know what? She did great! I know this is probably due to her disposition more than my...