Tiffany C

Tiffany is beyond excited to be a contributor for Denver Metro Moms Blog! Tiffany Cutcliff is a worker at home and also is the owner/ blogger of The Dwelling Tree. Her family and faith blog focuses on encouraging other women by sharing heartfelt and personal stories, her faith in Jesus, recipes, DIY, and more. Tiffany is a lover of the mountains, iced lattes, maxi dresses, writing, and putzing around her house with a cup of coffee in hand. She is a mother to a charming little girl who insists on wearing princess dresses all day, every day. Tiffany and her husband like to cook together, host dinner parties, garden, and explore the outdoors via running, biking, and hiking. Her favorite way to spend time with her husband is to enjoy a great Old Fashioned with him and watch a comedy on Netflix. She feels pretty lucky to be his wife- he is a great cook and an avid outdoor enthusiast. It is good she loves to stay active, because her favorite treats are sprinkle doughnuts and dark chocolate. Much of her day is spent picking up toys, wiping food off of her clothes, and taking her kiddo to the park. She loves being a momma more than she ever imagined, and finds her greatest joy spending time with her family.

Choosing the Right Kindergarten for Your Child

A few weeks ago we enrolled our child in Kindergarten. It is a milestone that I have been looking forward to for years with bittersweet emotions. As a Mom, it seems crazy that my kiddo...
Birthday Party

Fun Birthday Party Venues in the Denver Metro Area

**Heads up! Because this post has been so popular with our readers, we've built out a more robust, sortable Guide to Denver Area Birthday Party Venues and Services to help ease your party-planning woes...

I don’t like schedules

I don't like schedules. There. I said it. My daughter has never had much of a schedule. Wake up time, snack time, lunch time, nap, bedtime? Nope. Truth be told, we have "somewhat" of a schedule...
Non-toy Gift Ideas For Children | Denver Metro Moms Blog

10 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Children

Are you looking for a gift to give a child that is something other than just another toy that will discarded in a week or two? Toys are definitely fun and have their place...
My late term miscarriage | DMMB

My late-term miscarriage story

I experienced a late-term miscarriage. The loss of our son was a devastating and terrifying event. At 18-weeks of being pregnant, I was told I must deliver my child, but that he would certainly not...
Baby Medicine Cabinet Must Haves | Denver Metro Moms Blog

20 Baby Medicine Cabinet Faves

  It can be a stressful thing to have a sick baby, especially when it's the middle of the night and your little one is up crying in pain - and suddenly you and your...
Potty Training: 3 Day Method | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Potty Training: 3 Day Method

I thought lack of sleep was the most difficult thing to experience as a mother. Then the day hit when we decided to potty train. Never, never, NEVER in my wildest imagination did I...
Top Denver Labor & Delivery Hospitals | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Denver Labor and Delivery Hospitals… {you should know about}

Choosing a labor and delivery hospital can be a very daunting task. As a new mom, I did not know exactly what to look for, and all the different options were a little overwhelming!...

Making Time for Romance After Baby

Take it from me: making time for romance after you've had a baby isn't easy. Lack of sleep, mood swings, and trying to ensure that your precious newborn stays alive can keep a new...
Raising Kind Children | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Why raising kind children is important

It is really easy to get caught up in wanting my child to grow up smart and successful. The truth is, I want my daughter to excel in school and be intelligent. I also...

Family Guide to Denver Metro Museums

Looking to learn more about the wonderful museums that Denver has to offer? There are plenty to choose from! Denver has a great selection of kid-friendly attractions that will please both parents and kids.
Broken & Beautiful Motherhood | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Broken and Beautiful Motherhood

Isn't motherhood messy? As a blogger, I have had my moments to vent about my exhaustion after a long day of cleaning up poopy underwear (yea, I didn't say diapers. no one ever...

5 Reasons the Denver Metro Area is a great place to raise kids

I have to say- I think Denver is one of the greatest cities in the world to raise a child. With skiing just an hour away, more than 100 miles of trails for biking...

15 Family Friendly Activities in Denver Metro

Looking for something fun to do for the entire family? Denver has both the beauty and adventure of the great outdoors as well as a bustling downtown and metro city area filled with top...