Frozen the Musical in Denver: What to Expect


Frozen the Musical is playing for a seven-week run in Denver before it heads to Broadway! We took our kiddos and have the low down on everything you can expect if you’re lucky enough to get tickets to this magical show!

Frozen the Musical in Denver: What to Expect | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Before you go:

  • If your kids want to dress up and you aren’t sure if you should let them, do! Everywhere you look are tiny Elsa’s and Anna’s, dressed to the nines. We even saw a few Kristoff’s and Olaf’s in the mix. Do remember that your kiddos will be expected to sit in their seats for close to three hours, so make sure that they are comfortable.
  • This is a no-brainer, but make sure you and the kids are well-fed and have gone to the bathroom. The theater does have refreshments (including booze, yay!), but popcorn and candy are pretty much the extent of the food offered. Bring snacks if you think you’ll need them, and make sure to have a decent meal before you leave.
  • Don’t get there too early. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be worried about parking and making sure you’re on time. The doors to the theater open 30 minutes before show time, but you don’t want anxious and excited kids sitting around bored. Do however, be on time, because the opening act with little Elsa and Anna is one of the best parts of the show. The doors remain closed for the first ten minutes of the show, so you’ll miss it if you aren’t in your seats when the lights go down.
  • Take pictures of your kids outside of the theater before the show. There is no photography or video allowed in the theater, and the ushers will come and reprimand you if you try to take a photograph, even before the show starts.
  • Don’t expect too many souvenirs. This show does not have dolls, toys, and other items your kids may have come to expect from other Disney shows. There are keychains, t-shirts, and coffee mugs for sale, but that is about it.

During the show:

(spoiler alert!)

  • If your kids are little, make sure you ask an usher for a booster seat. There really aren’t any bad seats in the Buell, but you’ll want to make sure little bodies aren’t being folded in two if they aren’t heavy enough to hold down the theater seats.
  • Be prepared for old favorites and new songs alike. This is NOT a direct replica of Frozen the movie, and it is definitely not just for kids. Your favorites are all there, but there are plenty of new and amazing numbers. My daughters were absolutely mesmerized by the opening act when Elsa and Anna are little, including “Do You Want to Build a Snowman.” We also loved “Love is an Open Door” and, of course, everyone’s favorite “Let It Go” is an absolute showstopper. As my six-year-old said: “Elsa’s dress is so amazing. It BLASTED the stage!”
  • The setting and special effects are really unique and well thought out, and the actors are a true joy to watch. My favorite new number was “Hygge,” but the kids tend to get a little bored with numbers they don’t know. 
  • The first act lasts about an hour and 20 minutes, and after “Let It Go” you’ll get a 15-minute intermission. The second act is a little shorter than the first act. Be sure to stay for the final bows – my kids absolutely loved watching all of the performers come out and wave to the audience.
  • Don’t worry too much about scary parts. The musical omits most of the scary scenes from the movie, including the scene where the wolves are chasing Anna and Kristoff and the scene with the ice monster. There are still a few moments that can be precarious with little ones, including Elsa’s capture and Anna turning to ice in the end, but aside from that, the show is really family friendly (duh). The Denver Center’s website recommends an age of 6+, but my four-year-old was perfectly fine. I’d be more concerned about your child’s ability to sit quietly in a seat for that long.

For my family, Frozen the musical was a truly magical day. I hope you get to go and experience it with yours!


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