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Denver Snow Day Destinations | Denver Metro Moms Blog

We are approaching that time of year when the weather can sometimes be less than cooperative. I don’t personally mind the snow, but I find the slushy wet stuff that typically happens before we really hit winter to be the hardest. So I’ve got a list of about 9 different places that I like to go when the weather isn’t wonderful. Some are things you might not typically think about doing…

  1. Denver Museum of Nature and Science: This place is wonderful since it’s educational, and allows my very active 3-year-old to do a bit of running around, lifting (think giant foam blocks), digging, playing in water, etc. It’s great for both young and old kids. IMG_1498
  2. Denver Zoo: Yes, I said it. The Zoo is never ever crowded on bad weather days, but has so many indoor spaces that we personally never go to when the weather is nice. Between Bird World and Tropical Discovery, we could spend at least a few hours. Yes, you have to walk outside to go from place to place, but that can be pretty quick. I personally love how peaceful it is with the animals on bad weather days.
  3. Cherry Creek Mall Play Area: While this can get pretty overrun on bad weather days, it is free, and can help wear your kids out (even if just mentally based on all the over-stimulation). You’ll need to watch over your smaller ones, as the older kids can take over and not be as careful as we might like.
  4. Botanic Gardens Indoor area: The tropical conservatory area has a cool tree house like area that involves walking up and down steps (can you tell I need to wear my child out?).
  5. Denver Art Museum: Free for kids and can tap into their creative side. What more could you want?
  6. Butterfly Pavilion: Located in Broomfield, this gives lots of educational exposure and makes you feel like it’s still nice and warm. Has both butterflies and loads of bugs (if your stomach doesn’t mind you looking at cockroaches and tarantulas).
  7. Denver Aquarium: While this can be pricey (especially with the cost of parking thrown in), it’s pretty terrific and has lots to check out. My son has an aquarium book at home from the Monterrey Bay aquarium, so it was incredibly fun to watch him make the connection with something he had only seen in pictures. And for him to get to touch sting rays, well, that was my personal highlight!
  8. Denver Children’s Museum: The best part is that they have exhibits designed for all different ages, and they are expanding the space (grand re-opening on November 20th). IMG_1467
  9. Recreation Centers: Personally, I love bringing my kids swimming indoors. They love the water, get physically and mentally stimulated, and take wonderfully long naps afterwards! Some particularly great ones include the Golden Community Center (complete with water slide) and the Montclair Rec Center in Denver (has a small and big water slide and lots of fountains in the zero entry leisure pool).

Where do you enjoy going when the weather is a bit icky?



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