Finding Fitness – Balance Tips for Every Mom


I quit my career to stay home with my babies and left the things I knew to dedicate myself to my family and children. I decided that in “work-life balance,” my work and life would be the same . . . So, where would I find the balance part of the equation? I knew I’d have to find it because staying home is work too. Whether our career is in a place where we take a paycheck or a place where we’re full-time everything to our kids, how do we do all the things, keep our sanity, and love our kids well?

Finding Fitness - Tips for Every MomFor me, my balance is found in fitness. Exercise has been part of my life since I was active as a teen. In my late twenties, I found my passion for the adrenaline rush that running brought me. As a mom, I decided to share my balance and my passion with others and I became a certified group fitness instructor focusing on prenatal fitness, postnatal fitness, and senior fitness.

I know that exercise and taking care of our physical fitness is something a lot of moms let slide. Especially in the beginning, it’s hard to feel like hitting the gym. You’re recovering from childbirth and your body still doesn’t quite feel like your own, you’re physically and mentally exhausted, your boobs are cracked and your ankles are still a little foreign . . . the last thing you want to do is remember the Zumba combinations.

Guess what? That’s okay. There are so many fitness options available to moms.

Tips for finding fitness that works for you:

  1. Think about your fitness goals
  2. Consider the physical activities you like – high or low impact, competitive or relaxing,
  3. Decide where you want to work out – at home, in a gym, or outside
  4. Determine how flexible you are – do you need a fitness routine that is portable, or can you dedicate yourself to a specific location?
  5. Think about your body, right now, where you are today. What would help you feel the most connected, what would help you feel strong, what would help you achieve balance?

Denver Moms Fitness Guide

Local Gyms and Exercise Groups

Recently, Denver Moms published a fitness guide that features gyms across the metro area like Chuze Fitness that specifically cater to moms and offer childcare!

Are you looking for other moms to workout with? Consider Fit4Mom or Hot Mamas Exercise. Do you want a more custom-tailored experience? Consider Chuze Fitness or Life Time Fitness. What about something low-impact and great for prenatal and postnatal toning like Pure Barre or Bar Method? If you are cost-conscious, we recommend joining your local recreation center or basic gym like Prestige Fitness. And of course, our most important consideration is childcare. All of the facilities above have clean, wonderful environments for your kids.

Online and Mobile Application Fitness Options

This is great for the on-the-go or traveling moms, or those who would rather sweat in the privacy of their own homes. I have three fitness apps on my phone which allow me to work out when I travel or can’t get out of the house. The exercises are customized to my goals and help keep me accountable. Whether it’s Beach Body, Body by Simone or Fitbit Coach, I like having variety and options. This keeps the exercises fresh and helps push me to get into better shape.

Personal Training

If you can afford it, personal training is one-on-one customized exercises to meet your fitness goals. Finding a great personal trainer that you click with can be challenging. I found one at a dirty gym who combined Crossfit with HIIT and made exercising fun again. He was a blast and I miss working out with him regularly. There are now traveling gyms such as Gymguyz, where personal trainers can come to your house. You can also find trainers at

No matter what your fitness goals are, all it takes is 15-20 minutes to get back in shape after baby. Start small and find the best option or options for you and your family. Find the thing that brings you balance. And if you find yourself in Evergreen, CO, stop by the recreation center and join me for a class. I’d love to have you!


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