Thinking of Trying to Conceive? Now’s a great time to get well+prepared!


The best way to have a healthy pregnancy is to be healthy during preconception. At baby+co., they believe that supporting people to become as healthy as possible before they get pregnant is crucial to going on to have a healthy pregnancy and birth.

They also know that each individual is unique and when it comes to proper wellness, a one-size fits all plan is not the best approach, and having a customized plan for each client is key to healthier outcomes.

If you’re thinking about becoming pregnant in the near (or distant) future, but want to get healthier, it’s not always easy to know where or how to start. well+prepared may be exactly what you need to get going.

What is well+prepared?

An exclusive program at baby+co., well+prepared is a personalized, pre-pregnancy wellness program designed to help clients optimize their health for better conception outcomes.

This comprehensive program begins with an individual consultation with one of baby+co.’s midwives and a health coach. They’ll go over your health history, any new issues or concerns, and then they’ll make some recommendations for preconception health – whether you’re trying for a baby now, or planning to in the future.

If you have specific health goals in mind, like achieving a healthy weight, improving your diet, reducing stress, whatever it may be, this team will work with you to set and achieve personalized goals, with ongoing, individual coaching.

Sound expensive? Not at all. The initial consultation is just $70 and is covered by most insurance programs. 

Sticking to your plan is easier than you think!

The program also has four classes that focus on the major concerns most people have when they decide to start trying for a baby and better equip clients to follow their individualized plans.

well+prepared classes include:

  • Eat: Food and nutrition to encourage fertility and a healthy pregnancy
  • Breathe: Stress reduction and mindfulness with an eye toward TTC, pregnancy, and parenthood
  • Nest: Financial planning for baby and beyond
  • Conceive: Fertility awareness, so you can know when you are most likely to get pregnant when you’re ready to TTC

Not only are these classes extremely informative, but they’re a great place to meet other women and moms-to-be. You can sign up for one class at a time, or all four.

Something special for you!

To help celebrate the launch of this amazing program, you can take all four classes for just $25.00 if you sign up during the month of October! Be sure to act fast!

These classes are open to anyone, whether you plan on delivering with baby+co. or not. If you’re curious about birth centers, it’s a great opportunity to get a feel for the center and staff, and to learn your options for pregnancy, birth, and wellness.

baby+co. is also hosting a special well+prepared launch party, this Thursday (Oct 26) at 5:30pm. Come talk with the baby+co. team, explore the center, and learn more about the program. Let the pros help you become the healthiest you can be, so you’ll be ready to TTC when the time is right!

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We are so thankful that our partners at baby+co. shared this fabulous information with us on being well+prepared for welcoming little ones!


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