When the Baby Weight Won’t Go Away


Disclaimer, this post is sponsored by Dr. Snyder. That said, are you struggling with baby weight that won’t go away?

Bringing a new life into this world is a physically and emotionally arduous journey.

After carrying a child for nine months, the body undergoes significant changes that often times last beyond the term of a pregnancy. One of these well-discussed (and sometimes lamented) topics is the additional weight gain associated with pregnancy and childbirth.When The Baby Weight Won't Go Away | Denver Metro Moms Blog

I have had many women come into my office after having a baby and tell me they want to get back to a healthy weight. They have often exhausted diet and exercise options and are unhappy with the results. While diet and exercise is enough for some, it may not necessarily work for everyone.

If you have worked tirelessly to change your diet and exercise, but the baby weight you want to lose is still keeping you from returning to the weight you desire, I will tell you the same thing I tell my patients, you are not automatically reserved to stay at a weight with which you are not comfortable.

Women come to me looking for a more proactive approach to help them lose the 20-40 pounds preventing them from living their life to the fullest. Along with a handful of other physicians in the United States, I was selected to perform an intragastric balloon procedure designed for those with modest weight loss goals and a BMI of 30, who have been unable to return to their desired healthy weight.

When The Baby Weight Won't Go Away | Denver Metro Moms Blog

The intragastric balloon procedure is one part of a two-part weight loss program called the ORBERATM program. An intragastric balloon is non-surgically inserted into the stomach through the mouth, where it remains for six months. During this time and with the assistance of our team, my patients are able to retrain their bodies on proper dietary and nutritional approaches for weight loss. When The Baby Weight Won't Go Away | Denver Metro Moms Blog

After six months, and when your body has readjusted and refocused itself on a healthy weight for one instead of two, we remove the balloon. With a retrained body, we continue to work closely with you to develop a nutritional program to reinforce and sustain your healthy lifestyle.

By no means am I suggesting everyone who comes to my practice must return to her pre-baby weight, or even worry about losing any weight at all, but for moms struggling with achieving their health goals, we want you to be informed of the alternative options.

Whether you pursue surgical avenues, a diet and exercise program, or simply continue to make healthy choices, do not let excess baby weight keep you from living a healthy life for both you and your child.

When The Baby Weight Won't Go Away | Denver Metro Moms BlogDr. Michael Snyder is the director and founder of The Denver Center for Bariatric Surgery. He is an expert in bariatrics and is an internationally published author on the topic. Dr. Snyder is dedicated to forming lasting relationships with his patients by positively impacting their lives and health.

When The Baby Weight Won't Go Away | Denver Metro Moms Blog


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