The Magic of Nap Time


The Magic of Nap Time | Denver Metro Moms BlogAhh, the magic of nap time!!

Some days I can hardly wait for those precious couple of hours of nap time to roll around, where I have complete reign over my time. But being productive can be hard and using the time wisely is something that takes some serious practice and self control.

Being home with my daughter on my days off are insanely rewarding. As a working Mom I feel so blessed to have 4 days off a week to pour into our sweet little lady. Reading to her, teaching her the alphabet and numbers, playing with her and giving her countless kisses is what I look forward to after working 12-hour shifts as a nurse. But when I tell you her nap time is magic, I mean it. For at least two hours during the day I feel like I could do anything. Work towards my dreams of becoming a professional dancer, get ripped at the gym or even cultivate my hidden culinary skills. As to not overachieve, I settle for blogging, thoughts of painting my nails, catching up on emails, and, as of recently, bible journaling.

Nap time makes me feel like myself, like I’ve got the old me back for just a small window. I wouldn’t trade being her mom for the world, but I’d be lying to you if I told you I didn’t revel in the time alone. I read an article written about my artist friend Kristen. She talked about how she got all her painting done while her daughter napped. She saved all the tasks and mindless chores for when her daughter was awake and active. The time she had alone, she channeled into being creative. After reading this, I knew I was doing things all wrong. I was using the time to clean or watch what I wanted on TV. I started training myself to just sit and let my fingers be free. Blogging and creating, allowing my mind to turn off from house wife and mom for just a little while. The result has been enriching.

I feel so recharged when she gets up, knowing I beat the nap clock and made strides in accomplishing something that was really important to me.

As I type, right this moment, there is a Fixer Upper episode I haven’t watched yet on the DVR, calling my name, but it will have to wait until I finish this post. Prioritizing is really important. Most days I really try and spend her nap time doing things that fill my tank. Sometimes it’s simply watching an episode of Fixer Upper in peace and day dreaming about the Denver home will we soon purchase. Bible journaling is something my church started this year and I have looked forward everyday to getting into the word. To spend just thirty minutes in silence training myself to hear the voice of God through His word.

Making time for myself is essential to my sanity and hers.

As a mom of one, I know things will change when we add another babe to the crew. Nap times will most likely not be synchronized and I am sure I will have to REALLY force myself not to do laundry during nap times. And as my daughter is newly 2, I know time is moving fast and our days without naps are fast approaching. What do you moms do when your children are no longer napping to continue to get that break? I cannot imagine life without naps. God give me the strength.

What do you do during nap time? If your children don’t nap anymore, how do you find time for yourself?



  1. I got this idea from my daughter’s caregiver. My friend has four kids and only two nap. She has the three older kids have a quiet time. She says its for her sanity and I loved it. So I have started making time for myself by having her go spend some playtime in her room. I assure its not for a timeout for her, but a little timeout of decompressing for me.


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