This is how it feels right NOW.


What is it about the hard times that makes them drip by at a snails pace while the easy times fleet away in a snap? Have you ever wished for a magical remote control, which could fast forward and rewind accordingly? I know I have. When what I’m thinking and feeling amounts to GET ME OUT OF HERE, but “changing the channel” just isn’t an option, these 7 words are a virtual pause button for me: “This is how it feels right now.”

When I’m hunched over during the dead of night in my child’s dark bedroom, aching for them to go back to sleep; my eyes burning with helpless, confused exhaustion; I think these 7 words. “This is how it feels right now.” Slowly, my inner revolt is comforted. My breathing deepens and a stream of gratitude rushes through me.

When I’m on the listening end of a long, dramatic, aggressive tantrum, my heart aching with an irritated, pleading dismay. Sometimes I remember: “This is how it feels right now.” My wish to escape is removed and my vision returns to the gift of the present moment.

When the cradle of my arms is the only place my feverish, vomiting child can rest and my thoughts are filled with anxious panic. I come upon this phrase within my heart. “This is how it feels right now.” My mind goes quiet. I surrender to the 3am stillness.

When it’s time to leave and all three children run in three opposite directions, the smallest one collapsing in a heap on the ground {noodle leg syndrome} and taking off his shoes, while the other two look back at me wildly; my fists tighten with overwhelmed drudgery. “This is how it feels right now.” I pause and breathe. I relax. I open up and somehow find a hidden game that makes leaving fun again.

When power struggles reign, and “Joy” is nothing more than a dish soap, when I’m stretched thin and brittle with sadness, I tell myself, “This is how it feels right now.” Tears bathe my ragged heart, I soak it in with a little more acceptance.

Some of my heaviest and darkest moments as a mother have become my most memorable ones by riding on the back of these 7 words.

Do you have a mantra that gets you through the tough moments? Please share it with us!

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As a beautifully ordinary, ​​wanna-be poet with her heart on her sleeve, Lorissa ​married right ​out of college. She and her new husband​ took themselves to Denver where rich with hope and student loans (read: young and broke)​ she put a counseling degree in her back pocket. With a heart tightly wound, she worked many years with children and families as a play therapist. ​Motherhood brought twin daughters and a surprise son all within 18 months and f​our years later she's still unraveling, in a good way. Lorissa founded The Well Sessions: a listening company, where she offers counseling over the phone. Additionally, she leads and participates in a local parent resource group, focused on supporting and educating parents toward connection and social change.


  1. This is very zen! 🙂 I get so caught up in the future or the past, but what’s really important is right now. You have a good point. It’s important to acknowledge the now and appreciate it while it’s still here (even if it’s hard). As I look back on our rough times, I’m both glad to be over them and sad that they are gone. When I find other mom’s struggling with little kids kids or handling special needs, I can truthfully tell them that everything is a stage. It always changes. What is hard now will one day be a struggle of the past. When I started to believe that I wasn’t trapped in a struggle forever, it made it easier to handle.


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