Spring Beauty Must Haves for the Busy Mama


I blinked and it’s March… How? The days are starting to get longer, weather is getting warmer and my 2.5-year-old’s winter clothes are officially starting to bore me to death. Regardless of what things make you feel like, spring has finally sprung, it’s likely that your beauty routine changes a bit to adjust from frigid cold parkas to jeans and tees.

In an effort to make your life easier (because as mamas, aren’t we always looking for ways to simplify?), I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite beauty products that will help you and your little ones transition into spring.

For Mama:

Juice Beauty Tinted Moisturizer with Sunscreen

There’s something about being cooped up all winter that makes me want to be outside as much as I can once it finally warms up. So if you are anything like me, you are at the park all the time with your little ones. I personally use moisturizer with SPF, 365 days a year, but I feel like if you are going to be doing anything outside, it’s extra important to have the sun protection, even if it’s cloudy (my mother would be so proud of me for relaying that information). It only takes a few seconds to apply to a clean face in the morning. I also love that this one is SPF 30 and doesn’t break the bank!

Batiste Dry Shampoo

I live and die by this dry shampoo and use it basically everyday, because as a mom let me honest, I routinely choose 10 more minutes of sleep over washing my hair. Besides the price being AH-MAZING, they carry this product tons of places, including Target (hallelujah!), the local supermarket, and even TJ Maxx, so I can always stock up no matter where I’m running errands. It helps my hair be less greasy and immediately more full, so I can get on with my life (aka, make another cup of coffee or fill another sippy). I will say, I always run out way before I think I will, but it could be the mass quantities I am using so I make sure I always buy more than one bottle at a time.

Cute, Budget Sunglasses

Although my mom uniform most days may not look like it, I have no problem splurging a little to make myself feel like a real person (just ask my husband, he’s usually super psyched when he sees all of the packages get delivered…). So yes, I will splurge if I want to, except, that is, on sunglasses. Just no. As a mom, my glasses are getting dropped or shoved in the diaper bag where they then get smashed… you get the idea. I just can’t justify spending a substantial amount of cash on something that has a shelf life similar to bananas.

A few years ago I found this brand of cheap sunnies at Nordstrom and I’ve been obsessed ever since. They are all around $14 and CUTE! I order a few pairs at a time, so that I always have a backup handy. The glasses to the right are the pair that I just stocked up on for spring, so if you see me around Denver, we can be twins!

Everyone Lotion

By the time spring rolls around, my skin has HAD IT with our brutal Colorado winter. This lotion brand is actually great for the whole family and is really reasonably priced! It’s not too heavy and comes in a ton of great scents and sizes, so you can have one in your bag and at home. They even have a men’s line for our rough and tough husbands who secretly want to be pampered.

For the little ones:

Aveeno Eczema Baby Lotion

My little guy is 2.5 and was unlucky enough to inherit my super dry skin. He even had eczema on his back for a few months around his first birthday, so we did the research for you and tested EVERYTHING. We tried cheap creams, expensive creams, prescription creams, all of it, and this Aveeno Eczema Baby Lotion is the only thing that helped. Since then, we’ve smothered him in it every day and not only is his eczema under control, but his skin has survived our Colorado winter without being dry. Holla!

BabyGanics Sunscreen Stick

This sunscreen stick is our go-to! It’s compact enough to keep in every diaper bag, purse, car, and stroller, which is crucial for me in the warm months. No matter how much I plan and pack to get out the door, I always forget one (or 80) things, but by keeping this in all the places… I never have to worry that we’ll be without sun protection.

BabyGanics Sunscreen also comes in a spray or regular lotion, and is waterproof for up to 80 minutes. Serious win in my book.

These are just a few great products that have worked well for me. I realize, however, that every mamma is different in what she is looking for, for her and her family. Regardless of the products that you use, spring is here! Break out your sandals, plastic wine glass, and celebrate that we survived inside with small children through another long, cold winter. See y’all at the park!

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Raised in a small town in rural Kansas, Jessica moved back to her birth state of Colorado nearly a decade ago. After graduating college with a degree in Accounting, she specialized in Corporate Tax Accountant consulting years and simultaneously danced in the NBA as a Denver Nuggets Dancer from 2008-2012. She now works as a board certified Realtor® and is more than thankful to have a career that allows her the flexibility to work from home and spend time with her 19 month old son. In addition to being a wife, mamma and Realtor, she and her husband flip houses professionally in the Denver metro area. She lives in Castle Pines with her husband Chris, son Casen & black lab Bitty. She's been obsessed with all things mamma since her son was born in September of 2015 and is hopeful that the honesty in her blog posts will help new mamas!


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