Sun Safety Tips at High Elevation


Colorado is a state with everything to offer, including a plethora of sunshine! This is one of the main selling points of our great state–the sun keeps temps warm, even in the dead of winter, and helps keep those seasonal blues away; plus it makes for perfect bluebird days year round. It’s important to remember that even on a cloudy day, the sun is especially intense here at 5280 ft. and even more so higher up in the mountains. With vacation season quickly approaching, it’s important to remember to take the necessary precautions against sun exposure while you’re out enjoying our amazing state. Here are some of my favorite things to use for my little one when we’re out in the sun:

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1- Sunscreen. First and foremost, lather it on! This is great for little ones because it’s all natural and comes in a really handy stick form that won’t explode in your bag.

2- Sun hat. This type of hat is great because of the extra wide brim and the tie around the neck to ensure it stays put. Pick a hat in a nice light breathable fabric that will still allow air to pass through to keep your kiddo cool.

3- Durable open shoes. These sandals are awesome for little ones because they are super durable while still being light and breezy. This type of shoe helps to keep toes protected, but still nice and cool.

4- Sunglasses. Just like you insist on wearing your shades outside, sunglasses can be equally as important for kiddos too. My daughter seems to be significantly less annoyed with the bright sun when she is wearing these. Plus, how cute are baby wayfarers?!?

5- Water bottle. A bright sunny day plus high elevation can be the perfect recipe for dehydration, so it is super important to keep water on hand. This water bottle won’t leak and is easy to clip onto a pack for a hike. Plus those cute foxes will keep your little one asking for more!

6- Muslin blankets. Remember the thousands of muslin swaddling blankets you got when your baby was born? A sunny day adventure is the perfect time to use them! Tie a blanket to tree branches for an impromptu awning for a little afternoon rest on the trail. Cover up a sleeping baby in a pack or stroller. Tie it around your kiddo’s neck to protect their shoulders and more importantly, act as a superhero cape! Or tie it around your own shoulders or neck if you forgot to put on your sunscreen. The uses for these light airy blankets are endless and perfect for the bright Colorado sun.

For more information about how to keep your child safe in the sun, visit Children’s Hospital Colorado and Sun Safe Colorado.

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Megan Lombardo is mama to two awesome kiddos, proud wife to a family medicine doctor, and a professional musician and piano instructor. She and her family lived in Denver for a handful of years before embarking on their current adventure in the mountain town of Salida. Megan will be focusing on helping your family find the easiest ways to experience all the hidden gems and lovely family-friendly excursions that you can get to within a short drive of the Denver metro area. One of the greatest things about Denver is its proximity to the mountains—so get out there and explore! When she’s not blogging, you can find Megan hiking around the Arkansas River valley, having a beer at a brewery while chasing her kids around, listening to music at Riverside Park with friends, playing music with her husband, or (still) ripping out carpet and tearing down wood paneling in her 1899 home in Salida. Megan is excited to connect with all of you!


  1. Colorado is wonderful, but it can burn you like no other! 🙂 My worst enemy is overcast days. You think you’re safe, but you can still get a sunburn. I’m grateful for spray on sunscreen — quick, easy, and not very greasy. Trader Joe’s sunscreen worked great this summer!

  2. Thanks Alie! Any way you could post a link to the sunscreen list you were talking about? I’d love to have that resource as well!

  3. Love these suggestions. I just saw that the environmental working group put out a list of the best sunscreens which was really helpful. Love those Muslin blankets for the babies!


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