Why Being a Surrogate Makes Sense

We are so thankful to our partners at Colorado Surrogacy for sharing this important information on considering surrogacy.

 “I just feel so lucky, and I want to share that with someone else,” says surrogate Ashley M.

Does that statement sound familiar to you? Have you ever talked with a friend struggling with fertility and thought, “if she asked me, I’d carry a baby for her”? Are you one of those women who loved being pregnant? Surrogates give one of the most amazing gifts there is: carrying a pregnancy that someone else couldn’t have otherwise achieved. For some women, becoming a surrogate just makes sense.  See if you can relate to any of the reasons why surrogacy works below.  If so, surrogacy may be right for you.

You are done having your family, but you miss being pregnant.

I know, I know – it’s not everyone who is eager to go through being pregnant again. But we all know those women who LOVED being pregnant. They glowed the entire time – or had very little morning sickness and actually had more energy than they did before. Some women love to be pregnant. And if you’re done with adding to your own family, there can be a mourning that you won’t feel that special feeling again. Surrogacy allows women who love to be pregnant to have that experience, and as a bonus they get to watch another family be part of the pregnancy and prepare to welcome the baby into their family. 

You know people who have struggled with infertility, and you’d do anything to help them.

Struggling to have a baby is one of the most isolating and heartbreaking processes. We all know someone (or multiple someones) who have not had an easy journey to parenthood. If you yourself haven’t had those same struggles, and you feel the weight of your luck sometimes around friends who are struggling, surrogacy can be an amazing way to share your luck with others. The people seeking to have babies via surrogate have been working long and hard to have a chance at being a parent, and being a part of the journey is incredibly fulfilling.

You are a giving person looking to make a big difference in someone else’s life.

A lot of us look for ways to give back to our communities. If you’ve donated your eggs before, donated breast milk, or been a birth assister for a friend or family member, your heart is right in line for surrogacy. It’s a common misconception that the only possibly reason a woman would become a surrogate is for money. It takes dedication to the cause of believing that everyone has the right to reproduce. It takes an incredibly giving heart to be pregnant for someone else. Being a surrogate can fulfill the desire some women have to give deeply of themselves in that way.

You are looking for a 2nd job with lots of heart that you can do while being a SAHM (or while working outside the home!). 

As we all know it’s rough to juggle jobs and childcare. Some women would like to help out their family financially, but aren’t able to start a traditional job because of childcare costs or schedule concerns. Surrogacy not only has a heart mission, but can decently compensate you for the amazing work you are doing, and while I’m not saying it’s easy, it is something you can do from home while raising your children. First-time surrogates at Colorado Surrogacy start with a base compensation of $35,000, plus extras.  Sometimes people are wary to discuss the money side of surrogacy, but I believe that a surrogate is being compensated fairly for doing very hard work: looking after and nurturing someone else’s baby for them until the baby is in the outside world.

If you are curious about surrogacy and what the process entails, reach out to the women at Colorado Surrogacy for more information.  You can drop them an email at info@coloradosurro.com or call at (720) 707-4677 for more information on whether you are eligible to give this tremendous gift to another family.


  1. High admiration for Ashley and thanks to Denver Metro Moms Blog for posting this. The moral standing of surrogacy treatment cannot be questioned. It takes an incredible giving heart to carry someone’s baby in your womb. Besides the infertile couple should be protected from the ill treatment from society. They deserve love and support, not humiliation.

  2. I love this! I have a friend who has been a surrogate and another friend who has benefited from having a surrogate carry her twins. I think it’s an incredible gift!


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