Varicose Veins: More Than a Cosmetic Concern

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Have you started to see blue web-like veins on the surface of your legs? They can often be torturous and ropey. Whether you stand or sit while working at home or on the job, varicose veins can affect everyone. If not properly addressed, they have the potential to cause future discomfort and possible health problems beyond cosmetics.

Not Just Cosmetic

Many women do not have their varicose veins checked out when they appear because they often think varicose veins are simply a cosmetic problem; this is a big misconception. In some cases, though, health problems can arise from varicose veins. These can include symptoms of:Varicose Veins : More than a Cosmetic Concern | Denver Metro Moms Blog

  • Throbbing
  • Aching
  • Swelling
  • Cramping and discomfort

These abnormal veins can also cause clots. In rare, untreated cases, varicose veins can even create skin breakdown and wound issues.

Consult With Your Doctor

To determine whether your varicose veins could be an issue, I always recommend a visit to your specialist. At your visit, we can do an ultrasound for diagnosis to determine which vein or veins are not getting the blood out of the veins and back to the heart. By pinpointing where the vein malfunction is, we can determine the best treatment for you.

Choosing the Right Option

Treatment options are two-fold for varicose veins that cause, or could cause, health issues.

  1. Compression Stocking
    The first method of treatment is often a simple compression stocking, which can be recommended for up to three months. Most insurance companies often require this more conservative approach to see if the vein symptoms subside before other options can be considered. This option only treats symptoms; it doesn’t correct the malfunction in the vein.
  2. Minimally Invasive Surgery
    Another, more effective option I discuss with my patients is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. During this procedure, a catheter with a heating element is inserted inside the vein; this closes the malfunctioning vein down from the inside out. Using this minimally invasive approach, the body will eventually reabsorb the bad vein. This revolutionary procedure has now made vein stripping a procedure for historic interest only.
    Because this procedure is minimally invasive, there is no down time afterwards; I even encourage patients to return to activity as early as the same day. Unlike the compression stocking, this minimally invasive procedure both eliminates symptoms and heals the veins.

Selecting the Right Specialist

Specialized Vein Care is devoted to the entire management of varicose veins and all vein issues. As a vascular surgeon, I understand the causes of the problem, not just the effects, which makes me especially qualified to manage all aspects of vein problems.

Many physicians can perform the procedure, but vascular surgeons are uniquely qualified as specialists to offer three-dimensional perspectives for the most effective treatments and future prevention for each patient.

** This blog post was written to serve as guidance for varicose vein treatment and should not be taken as concrete medical advice, nor do the views above reflect the views of Specialized Vein Care or the HealthONE organization. As with any medical questions or concerns, it is imperative to make an appointment with your physician for proper diagnosis and treatment

Varicose Veins : More than a Cosmetic Concern | Denver Metro Moms BlogFor more than 30 years, Dr. Sharon Hammond has been one of the country’s leading vein specialists on the cutting edge of vascular surgery for more than 30 years. Over the course of the last 20 years, she has developed and pursued a passion for the management of vein and lymphatic problems. Specialized Vein Care is the first vein care center in the Denver area associated with a medical hospital. As a result, it is the first with state of the art equipment, expert medical professionals, and a complete support facility ready to manage any number of unique variations in treatments. Dr. Hammond’s philosophy has always been to deliver the kind of medical care one would want for her family. She believes in a commitment to excellence and remains passionate about delivering total and specialized vein care to each and every one of her patients.


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