Star Wars Room Transformation


Star Wars Day Room Transformation | Denver Metro Moms BlogMy husband and I are big Star Wars fans, and we have shared (err… indoctrinated??) our love for all things Star Wars with our twin boys.  (They probably know more Star Wars trivia then most adults.)  So, when we asked them what kind of theme and decorations they wanted for their room (since we were about to need one of their cribs for the new little member of our family), it was no surprise when they both said “STAR WARS!”

Star Wars Day Room Transformation | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Now, believe me when I tell you, there are some crazy Star Wars themed rooms out there.  I mean, crazy!  Rooms with AT-AT bed frames and X-Wing book shelves.  We definitely kept it simple, but they love their new room and love to show it off when new friends visit our house. 

Here’s what we did:

Star Wars Day Room Transformation | Denver Metro Moms BlogSpace-like blue (but not too dark) accent wall color is English Channel from Behr.  This is a paint and primer in one.  One coat and the wall looked great!  (Just remember, don’t let your child carry the paint inside… trust me… this color looks much better on the wall then on the floor or rugs!)

Millennium Falcon decal from Incredible Decals in silver.  A BIG pain in the butt to put on the wall, but it looks great and they LOVE IT!

Star Wars Day Room Transformation | Denver Metro Moms BlogSpecial edition Star Wars: Force Awakens posters from Disney.  I love these ultra stylized posters, but these were a one time print for members and I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else online.

Movie poster from the original Star Wars: A New Hope movie, found here.

Star Wars Lunchbox Art from great local artist Ian Millard.

Sheets, comforter, and pillows from Pottery Barn Kids, Star Wars Collection.

Star Wars Day Room Transformation | Denver Metro Moms BlogTwin beds from IKEA.  Bunkable when they’re a bit older and less likely to fall out of the bed (bed rails added for this reason).

R2-D2 Christmas Lights, great if you need a night light for your kiddo or just for fun! Also, how cute are they?!?!

Star Wars Day Room Transformation | Denver Metro Moms BlogFinally – No room is complete without a Rouge One themed Kleenex box, found at your local grocery store (Safeway, in my case). Because who doesn’t want to get their tissue from a box with K-2SO on it?

If you’d also like to introduce your kiddos to the wonderful world of Star Wars, check out these awesome books:

… yes, please Disney, take all of my money!

Happy Star Wars Day and May the Force Be With You!


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