The Gender Reveal: A Party to Remember


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Gender Reveal Parties are definitely “#trending.” If you think that people don’t care about the sex of your baby, you are wrong. I was the girl that thought about my gender reveal party before I was even pregnant. Some find them silly, but I didn’t care, I love parties! And it’s a great reason to get together with friends and celebrate a new life. I spent more time than I care to admit trying to think of a theme and activities for my gender reveal. So if you are expecting, will be expecting in the future or have friends with baby fever that love parties too, then read on for some gender reveal party tips.

Themes (What TO do and what NOT to do):

Gone are the days of the typical themes of ‘What will it Beeeeee’, Mustaches and Bows (please help me make mustache themes go away permanently) or having HERsHEy bars at a party. And question marks (?) are meant for the end of a sentence, not a theme for a party.

If you are an avid sports fan, a PINK vs. BLUE party is the perfect way to incorporate your love for sports. If you’re a football family, host your party on football Sunday, order some pizza, provide beer for your non-pregnant guests, and check out some ideas from this party featured on Project Nursery.

I have a thing for rubber duckies. Which is why I think ‘Waddle it Be’ is the perfect theme! You can find oodles of cute ideas on Pinterest. And please, someone, buy these rubber duckies, drop them into water, and watch the water turn either pink or blue. I might have to convince my husband for #2, just so I can do this!

Choose a Fresh Color Palette:

With so many colors in the world, there really is no need to stick with the typical pink and blue for your gender reveal. A fun and unique gender neutral color palette is all you need. I love the sky blue, cherry red and apple green colors that are incorporated from this Handsome Fella or Lil’ Lady theme designed by Le Partie . And this Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme by Live the Fancy Life is perfect for a turquoise, gold, black and white color palette.

Have Something to Entertain Your Guests:

While food and alcohol are a definite, you don’t want your guests to just walk in, eat, drink, watch you cut into a cake, and leave. Give them a few options for fun! I personally wanted name ideas, so come up with a game for your guests to suggest names. There are also hundreds of ‘Wishes for Baby’ cards on Etsy – have your guests fill these out and get a little teary-eyed reading what your friends and family have to say.

Vote on the Gender:

You just have to, it’s a must. There are a few ways to vote on the gender of the baby: public tally (think chalkboard/combined with name suggestions), private tally (ballot style, but I don’t think this is as fun) or wear your vote via a pin/sticker/colored clothespin that matches your party theme. It is always fun to get a picture of each group either before or after the reveal. But please, don’t make your guests wear pink or blue. That’s just mean.

The Big Reveal:

So many options and so much fun! I chose to have my husband and I bite into cake pops made by the local Cake Crumbs Bakery, and of course, got a corresponding cake to go with it. Another popular idea is to pop a confetti-filled 36″ balloon and let it rain down blue or pink colored confetti. This actually sounds amazing, I would love to dance in confetti falling from the sky! Children’s boutiques love this idea – go in and pick out a girl outfit and a boy outfit. Give the associate the envelope with the gender inside, and ask them to package and wrap whichever outfit matches. Open the present together for your big surprise.

Here are some photos from my Gender Reveal Party last fall. I chose an Ice Cream Social theme and had so much fun!

gender reveal 2 gender reveal 5 gender reveal 1gender reveal 2

What, if anything, did you do for your gender reveal?

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  1. We did a fiesta themed party and for the big reveal for the gender, we filled a red pepper piñata with blue (it was a boy) gum balls! Even though my husband and I knew the gender beforehand, it was still SO fun to see our friends and family’s excitement.


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