3 Wardrobe Pieces Worth the Money


Creating a wardrobe that you love isn’t for the faint of heart. You have to really love shopping, but I’ve come to realize that there are certain pieces in a wardrobe where spending a little extra money goes a long way. This is true for me and for my son. Now, I’m not saying that you always have to buy the most expensive piece in each of the three categories or that taking advantage of a good sale somehow diminishes the quality. In fact, just the opposite. Here’s what I mean:
DMMB 3 Wardrobe Pieces

1- Jeans

“…a pair of jeans that fit just right…” – Zac Brown Band
I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Finding a pair of jeans that fit to perfection is a pivotal moment for many of us, when it comes to our wardrobe. The right pair of jeans will have you feeling comfortable and confident about how you look, regardless of whether or not you’ve washed your hair that day week! I have found that spending a little more money in the denim department gets you a better fit and a longer-lasting wash. Jeans come in so many cuts, colors, shapes, and sizes — there IS a pair that will look good on you! Spending a little more money for better quality denim will not only have you loving your jeans, but will also have you wearing them for years.

Tip: Talk to a sales person about what overall look you’re going for and let them suggest things they’ve seen work well on other women with your same body type. ALSO – do NOT buy just based on the size number on the tag! Size is just a number, and brands do not all have the same measurements. Get what looks and feels good!

For my kiddo: Kids bodies grow and change so quickly – especially in the first few years of life! So I can’t really speak to his jeans wearing out, but I have noticed that the fit in, say, Gap denim vs Old Navy denim can vary greatly {and they’re from the same parent company!}. So when I’m looking for a new pair of jeans for my little guy, I’m more likely to spend a little more money for his jeans, if I can be confident that the fit will be consistent.

my favorite jean brands: Hudson, Paige Denim, Gap, J.Crew
favorite jean brands for my kiddo: Gap, Joes Jeans

2- Coats:

Here’s the thing, cute doesn’t always equal warm, and sometimes brands cut costs by using lower quality materials. In Colorado, we can get those sunny and sixty degree days in the winter, but we also get the super frigid, bone chilling, snowy winds, which means if I want to leave my house, I need a coat that keeps out the cold/wind/rain/snow/etc.. It will only take one or two days of freezing in your “coat” to get your bum back to the store. Look for something that can stand up to the elements! It’s a bonus if it’s cute too!

Tip: There are lots of consignment stores around town that have GREAT coat selections! Consider size when trying them on — is there enough room under the coat to wear layers? Consider features — does it have a hood?

For my kiddo: I hated being cold when I was younger, so I may be more sensitive to it than other mamas, but I don’t want my kid freezing while he’s running around outside. Since he’ll most likely only wear a jacket for one winter season, I try to check out consignment stores or other resources to resale his coats after he’s outgrown them. If it’s a good quality coat, you’ll get some of your money back! Seriously though, someone needs to invent a grow with you winter jacket! I’d pay for that!

my favorite winter coat brands: Patagonia, J.Crew
my favorite winter coat brands for my kiddo: Old Navy, Patagonia, Gap, Columbia

3- Shoes

I will start with this, I am not a shoe-a-holic. i.e. I don’t have a closet full of just shoes. But, I do appreciate a good pair of shoes and there is nothing more frustrating than buying a pair of shoes (or boots) only to have them get scratched or scuffed the first time you wear them. Good shoes don’t do that. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy shoes made from man-made products – there are some good quality shoes with man-made materials, but when you invest in shoes that use leather or suede, you’ll get to keep and wear your shoes soooo much longer!

For my kiddo: Do you know what shoes my kid doesn’t ask to “take off, take off” within a few minutes of having them on? The well-made shoes. When I first started looking at shoes for my little guy, I wasn’t sure it was worth it to spend $30-$40 dollars on a pair of shoes, but I’ve found that he actually enjoys (or is okay with) wearing the shoes I’ve spent a little more money on, because they fit better and they’re made with better quality materials. And honestly, they’ve held up better than the cheap shoes I bought him.

my favorite shoe brands: Steve Madden, Vince Camuto, Birkenstocks, Nine West
my favorite shoes brands for my kiddo: Nike, Native, Converse, Stride Rite

Those are my top three wardrobe pieces I think are totally worth the money? Would you agree? What do you invest in?


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