Mom Style: My Five Favorite Summer Outfits


Summer is here! For me, when I feel good about the clothes I’m wearing, whatever I’m doing that day {even if it’s a walk to the park to watch my son go down the slide fifteen billion times}, I have a better day because I feel good about myself. Actually putting on clothes {non-workout clothes} makes a huge difference!

So I have five of my favorite summer outfits to share with you, plus a few tips on how you can recreate these outfits {or similar ones!} for yourself. Hopefully this will make finding summer outfits just a little easier, and you’ll love and feel good about what you’re wearing.

1: striped tank + ripped shorts

striped tank ripped shorts DMMB

striped tank : Old Navy {similar and similar}
ripped shorts : Hart Denim bought at a local CO Springs boutique
{looser fit but similar, and boyfriend style similar}
sandals : Sam Edelman
sunglasses : Ray Ban

Ripped shorts are so on trend right now, and so easy {and comfortable} to wear! Adding stripes dresses up the shorts just a little bit, but not too much. Grab a hip length {or longer} cardigan in case the weather gets cooler, and this is a repeat outfit. Plus, it’s perfect for a trip to the donut shop with my little one.

TIP : Look for the right fit and length for your body, then shop for the style. I prefer more fitted shorts as opposed to the boyfriend style. I have a petite frame and usually boyfriend style shorts just look like my clothes are too big. Finding the right fit and length for your body will ensure you’ll love wearing your shorts all summer long!


2: black maxi dress

black maxi dress DMMBdress : Target {similar}
sandals : Nine West {similar}

What do I love most about a black maxi dress? You can wear it day or night! If I was going to take this dress out for a date night, I’d throw on more jewelry – probably a bracelet and statement earrings – grab a denim jacket and walk out the door. I’ve also totally thrown this dress on, hair in a messy bun, and headed to the grocery store, little one in tow.

TIP : When it comes to maxi dresses, pick the length of the dress according to the shoes you will most often wear with the dress. I am almost always wearing some form of a flat, so this dress was the perfect length for me. If I was to put on heels with this dress, it would look silly because my dress would be a few inches off of the ground, so it’s a good thing I have to be bribed into heels. Think about your shoes, and the length of the dress when buying a maxi!

3: sleeveless chambray + black pants

chambray black pants DMMBshirt : Gap
pants : 7 for all mankind {similar}
shoes : Nine West {similar}

I constantly wear this outfit on repeat. The black pants dress it up, while the sleeveless chambray button down gives it just enough casual. When I was working in an office, this was my uniform. And even now that I’m a SAHM, it’s still one of my go-to outfits. Really, you could pair black skinnies with any sleeveless button down and look amazing.

TIP : Look for black skinnies {skinny pants} with structure that hug your leg all the way down to your ankle. Your black skinnies will look best if they hug your entire leg. Also, making sure there is structure in your pants means you won’t look like you ran out of the house in leggings that show others more than you wanted when you bend over. Structure, friends, structure.

4: graphic tee + jeans

graphic tee jeans DMMBtank : Target (cute Mom graphic tees)
jeans : Gap (similar)
shoes : Birkenstock
sunglasses : American Eagle (similar)

Graphic tees are still the perfect shirt to throw on anytime AND you get to show off a little personality. Star Wars T’s have become a family affair; thanks to my husband continually wearing them since, what, elementary school? So I’m all about rocking one. Hashtag support the family. Also, I promise, not all of my denim is distressed, but it’s my favorite way to wear denim in the summer, especially with a graphic tee.

TIP : Pick a graphic tee that resonates with you. If you don’t drink coffee, maybe the shirt that says “but first, coffee” isn’t for you. I’ll take that one, thank you! But if you find a shirt that just says YOU, you’ll be putting it on every chance you get, AND you’ll love wearing it.

5: romper

romper DMMB romper : Old Navy (but also this one)
shoes : Converse

Don’t be afraid of the romper!! I LOVE this one from Old Navy, especially because it’s chambray. Denim on denim on denim is still going strong, so when I saw this chambray romper, I was sold. Here, I have my romper totally dressed down with a pair of Converse so I can play with my little guy, but just add cute sandals and a cardigan and you could brunch in this outfit. Just remember to use the restroom before leaving the house.

TIP : Rompers look best slightly loose, so don’t grab a size to small. Example of what NOT to wear. It won’t look pretty if the romper is too short or too tight. Most rompers have a waist to help give you some definition, so don’t fret about the comfortable fit. Even if you decided to go for a pants romper {do it!}.

There you have my five favorite summer outfits! Are any of those same, go-to pieces in your closet? Share your favorite summer outfit, or re-creations of these outfits on Pinterest or Instagram with #DMMBWEARS! I would LOVE to see what you put together!


  1. It’s funny how lost you can get when it comes to fashion and having babies. My boy stretched my body out, and I lost all sense of what to wear. Your outfits are so simple and brilliant. 🙂

  2. Love these outfits, and that many can be dressed up or down! Love that chambray top.

    I’ve been waffling on the romper issue (I’ve been taking this very seriously…can you tell? ;)) On my 5month old? Rompers are guaranteed cute. On me? I think I’d look ridiculous. Maybe I will try! I saw one at LOFT that had buttons, so that would be more practical for nursing.

    Great article!

  3. At 5’2 I was NEVER a maxi dress person, until I was pregnant. Post baby, I thought I’d go back to my old ways, until I bought the ultimate black maxi . . . for $25 . . . at Target!!! I seriously wear it ALL THE TIME, dress it up or down, and it’s the PERFECT travel piece! Also love rompers . . . unless you’re in an airport bathroom, wearing your toddler in a baby carrier. Such cute outfit ideas!

  4. I love these tips, Abi. You’re so cute! I think I’m going to have to find some distressed shorts…they look cool on you.


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