Good Buy Gear: Buying and Selling Baby Gear Made Easy


Raise your hand if you . . .

  • had no idea pre-babies how much gear comes along with those tiny little beings
  • feel like your home is growing more cluttered with kids’ stuff every wildly chaotic day
  • are holding onto your kids’ gear and toys because you have plans to do something with it “some day when you have time” but that time never seems to make itself available                                                                                                                                                                

All three of the hands {I wish I had} are raised high in the air right now! Oh, you too? Well, grab your coffee and lend me your ear, for the solid 1.43 minutes your littles will afford you, because I have your perfect solution.

Good Buy Gear 

I recently had the opportunity to try out Good Buy Gear, a new kind of online marketplace and white glove service to buy and sell used kid gear with integrated payments, pickup and delivery. Good Buy Gear saves parents time by being their “wingmom” and doing all the work so they only own the right gear at the right time.

I cannot emphasize enough how wonderfully easy this service was. All I had to do was gather all the baby gear and toys that no longer in use {and between you and me, a few of the toys that were still in use but fall into the “I’m so over this toy” category} and make a pile in my garage. Then, I hopped onto to the Good Buy Gear website and clicked on the White Glove Pick-Up Service under the “Sell” tab, selected a 2 hour pick-up window that fit my schedule, and waited for my gear to be whisked away once and for all. A day later, a staff member and fellow mom from Good Buy Gear arrived at my house and loaded up all of my gear. She took the pictures, priced the items, sent me an email to approve all posts, uploaded them to the online marketplace, and voilá, just like that my stuff was for sale. It was that easy.

Let’s just talk for a minute about what I did NOT have to do:

  • find a good place in my house to take pictures, edit pictures to best display item, upload pictures
  • take time to research what items like mine are selling for on other marketplaces and decide on the right price for my items
  • wrack my already taxed mama brain to come up with appealing adjectives and other fabulous descriptors to make my items stand out from the rest
  • communicate with strangers, deal with multiple people wanting an item, or set up a pick-up time and/or place
  • load up my three kids in the car and haul them halfway across town to sell a $20 piece of gear OR have a stranger come to my house while I was home alone with my kids
  • go to the bank to make sure I had change or deal with the hassle of someone trying to negotiate a price with me.

Within two days, my first piece of gear sold and cha-ching, 70% of the sale price was deposited into my account. You might be wondering what kinds of items you can sell. Great question. They take children’s toys, equipment, gear, and furniture. They do not accept clothing, stuffed animals, or toys valued at less than $10. I parted with items such as an infant rocker, infant travel bed, baby jumper swing, child ski helmet and ski boots, fire truck and other toys, life vest, and more.

You can also list your own gear to sell, by taking pictures and uploading the items yourself. Once it sells, Good Buy Gear will come pick the piece up for you and deliver it to the buyer within three days. But with three littles running around, I was all about saving myself time, so I chose the White Glove Pick-up Service! For a $20 fee subtracted from your first sale payment, you can have your Good Buy Gear “wingmom” do all of the dirty work for you!

The payment process is as streamlined and easy as the rest of the process. You choose one of the following 4 payment methods:

  • PayPal 
  • Venmo
  • Good Buy Bucks
  • Old fashioned check mailed to your home address

At the end of each month, you’ll receive payment for your gear that sold via your preferred payment method.

For more info on the buying and selling process, check out the Good Buy Gear FAQs page here.

Honestly, the Good Buy Gear folks have thought of everything, knowing that we moms are infinitely grateful for anything that makes our lives a bit easier on this wild ride called motherhood. I only wish I had thought of this service myself. But since I didn’t, I will simply sit back, sip my coffee, pick the next book for my summer reading list, and enjoy my newly decluttered home, thanks to Good Buy Gear!




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