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Essential what?

From my essential oil research {asking my friends}, I’ve discovered you’re in one of three tribes as far as this whole essential oils topic goes. You’re either:

a) obsessed with oils and use them religiously
b) you’ve never heard of them
c) you have friends who are avid oil users, but you’re overwhelmed by the whole “fad” and getting on board sounds like work.

I have been a part of each of these groups. A few months ago I began noticing the words “essential oils” being thrown around on Pinterest and on my Facebook newsfeed. They’d pop up in my conversations with friends, and I’d brush them off without thinking twice.

Then winter illness invaded our home like an army of ants overtaking an outdoor picnic.

We could not get well, and I got sick of {no pun intended} of forking over $25 dollar copays to the doctor’s office left and right. Instead of popping antibiotics to rid my kids’ bodies of illnesses, I wanted to strengthen their immune systems.

We needed a change and we needed one fast – I thought maybe these “essential oils” could help, but first I needed information!

In order to educate myself, I hosted a class where a rep came to talk to me and friends who were curious about essential oils. I also took a few Facebook classes, which I loved because people ask a million questions and you can always go back to the page to follow up on anything you missed. I followed reps on Instagram and pinned recipes on Pinterest. There is tons of information available!

Here are the very basics of what I learned:

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are naturally occurring compounds found in the seeds, stems, bark, roots, and flowers of plants. While these oils help protect the plants and play a role in pollination, they can also be used for health care, beauty treatments, and food preparation.

How do you use essential oils?

There are three ways to use essential oils:

  • Aromatic: When you diffuse essential oils in the air you can purify, calm and soothe, or stimulate and energize.
  • Topical: Essential oils are easily absorbed into the skin, usually with the help of a carrier oil such as fractioned coconut oil.
  • Internal: Some essential oils can put into capsules and ingested or mixed with water and swallowed for maximum health benefits.

Where do I buy essential oils?

There are lots of different brands of essential oils. Young Living and döTERRA are two prominent essential oils companies. Both of these companies have memberships you can sign up for, to ensure you get lower prices. You can find a rep and they can walk you through your first purchase.

You can also purchase essential oils at supermarkets. I’ve seen them at our King Soopers, Walmart, and Whole Foods.

Buyer beware: Not all products on the market are 100% pure. Some have fillers and are mixed with other oils. Always check your labels. When I was first looking into oils I purchased a couple on Amazon. That’s a big NO NO because the oils can be tampered with, and you cannot ensure they are therapeutic grade.

Now I use the döTERRA brand which certifies their oils are CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. Young Living has a Seed to Seal production process to produce some of the most authentic oils in the world. Do your research!

Are they safe for children?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is, always research any oil before using it on your kiddos. Never allow children under six years old to ingest oils {although it’s safe for adults }. Diluting them with a carrier oil and then rubbing them on the soles of a child’s feet or diffusing them in your home are usually safe bets, but again do your research!

Despite my initial skepticism, I have been pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of essential oils. I’ve used them to help with ear pain, to keep me from getting the stomach flu when my three children came down with it, to lift my mood, to sanitize the air during play dates, to promote sleep, to relieve stomach pain, and to heal wounds. Do I still have Tylenol in my medicine cabinet? Yes. Do I use it less? Yes. If you are at all curious about essential oils, seek out more info.

*I am NOT a doTERRA sales rep, and do not sell oils. I am providing my personal opinions based on what I have tried with my family. I am also not a physician, and do not recommend treating illnesses or ailments without consulting your doctor.

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  1. Which are your favorite oils to clean the air and for the stomach bug? I use YL and need inspiration from others. Ive been jawing the same 10 for over a year


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