Interested in saving yourself time and sanity? Grocery delivery is where it’s at.

We are so thankful for our sponsors at Whole Foods Market for providing this opportunity to experience their new Instacart Delivery Service.

Denver Grocery Delivery

There have been countless days where I’ve wished I could have my groceries delivered to me.  

Please, Dear God, Not. Another. Trip.

I thought grocery delivery services were for people 65 and older.  I don’t know why I’ve held onto the story that I’m doing a greater service and it will take less time if I just do it myself.  I recently learned from experience with Whole Foods new Instacart Delivery Service that this is not the case, and boy did it feel like a weight lifted.

Picture this: a snow day declared by our local school district, and I had forgotten to pick up key items from the store the day before. Kids were whining because they were “starving” for the hundredth time, my husband was unavailable to help, and since shoveling a foot of snow to tow two littles to the store sounded like something I would’ve given my left arm to avoid I decided to give grocery delivery a go.

I honestly couldn’t believe how simple and easy it was.  The process was as easy as logging into Whole Foods website, clicking the grocery delivery link, and searching for the items wanted. I ordered a wide variety of items (think various meats & veggies, crackers and milk) through Instacart for Whole Foods.  

As soon as I hit “place order” I was given an exact time as to when they would arrive so that I could plan accordingly for the next 24 hours.

Two hours from delivery time I was notified that they were packing my order. An hour out from delivery they notified me that they would be there at the expected time. In the middle of a snow storm, my items arrived right on time and exactly as I ordered them.  The only thing that was old were the stories I made up about grocery delivery not being efficient enough for me.

Experiencing dependability in the midst of many unknowns was priceless for me and my family!

And, I’ve got great news for you…

You can easily make this happen for yourself, too.  Through DMMB they are offering a fantastic deal that you don’t want to miss.  

Just click this link:, and you get $20 off first order (over $35) with Whole Foods new Instacart Delivery Service. 

Don’t put off your sanity or the convenience of grocery delivery from Whole Foods! This deal expires 2/15/17.


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