My New Year’s Goals



As the new year approaches, I find myself feeling that ingrained expectation to make resolutions and start to better myself.  There are the obvious ones: lose weight, start an exercise regimen, save “x” amount of dollars each month in a vacation fund, stop eating fast food…  When I inevitably fail to keep my resolutions, I end up feeling down and as if I’ve somehow “ruined” my year by not being my best. 

Last year I decided I would make goals for myself, rather than resolutions.  Achievable goals.  Something to work toward.  Of course, I still want to lose weight and save “x” amount of dollars each month, but by making these other goals, I hope to be my best self and let those other wishes trickle easily into my routines.  So I’ve come up with 8 goals to spread out through the year.  I will write them down in checklist form, and post them in a visible spot in my home to keep me accountable.  Here they are:

  1. Go on a “special” family outing once a month: maybe it’s a trip to the museum, ice cream at a funky shop, or even story time at the library.  Something “special” doesn’t have to be pricey – just something you don’t normally get to do as an entire family.
  2. Go on a date once a month: again, this doesn’t have to be pricey.  Maybe you don’t even need a babysitter – working parents could take a half day for a movie and drinks, or maybe have another couple watch your kids and then you return the favor the following week.  It’s important to have time as a couple – away from the house!
  3. Try a new recipe once a month: it’s so easy to get in a rut – mix it up!
  4. Go on a “friend date” once a month: brunch with the gals, a quick coffee with a pal you don’t see often…
  5. Go on a “me” date once a month: yes, solo trips to Target can feel like a vacation in itself, but at least add in browsing at a bookstore or a quick mani/pedi.  It’s too easy to forget about your own needs as a parent. 
  6. Schedule and make all of those important appointments: pediatrician, general practitioner, gyno, dentist, vet, eye doctor, making a will, renew your driver’s license… my list seems never-ending.  If you take the time to make one of each of these appointments per month, you won’t have them looming over you.
  7. Finish a home project from “the list” each month: ugh, the never-ending home project list – go through clothes, clean out pantry/fridge/car/makeup, decorate living spaces, replace old photos in frames, get the air ducts cleaned out, etc.  Pick one each month and complete it.
  8. Do a deep clean of one room per month: I mean really get in there.  So clean you wouldn’t even bat an eye when if your kid eats off the floor any surface of it.

Let’s see if I can stay true to my goals and make 2017 the best year yet!  What goals/resolutions will you set for yourself next year?


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