The Perfect Holiday Sangria


With the holiday season upon us, you’re about to have your weeknights, weekends, thoughts, dreams, and maybe even your nightmares completely consumed by the festivities. So, are you ready for all of the togetherness, merriment, shopping, wrapping, parties, traffic, and cookie decorating? Are you ready to spend time at parties with your co-workers, boss, neighbors, book clubs, favorite in-laws, and your least favorite in-laws? I mean, are you feeling brave?

No? Yeah, me neither.

If half a glass of liquid courage sounds like something that you might be interested in, then I’ve got just the thing for your merriment. No, I’m not the age-old eggnog, or the same glass of red wine many of us relax with after wrestling the little ones to bed– I’m talking about SANGRIA!

Yes, {EASY} Perfect Holiday Sangria to be exact! {Because I would never intentionally make your lives any more complicated! #solidarity #beatholidaystress}

Alright, let’s do this!

Perfect Holiday Sangria | Denver Metro Moms BlogIngredients:

4 cinnamon sticks {or more for garnish}
1 bottle of inexpensive Spanish red wine
¾ cup brandy
2 cups sweetened, unfiltered apple cider {it’s in the refrigerator section!}
½ cup orange juice {or the juice from 2 oranges}
2 tablespoons agave, honey, or granulated sugar
club soda to taste
1 lemon, juiced
1 orange, thinly sliced
2 honeycrisp apples, thinly sliced
1 cup cranberries {just to garnish as desired}


1. In a large pitcher, combine cinnamon sticks, apples, and orange slices.
2. Add brandy, orange juice, lemon juice, and wine – yes, the whole bottle.
3. Put the sangria in the refrigerator. Yes, that’s right.
Letting the flavors blend together really makes a delicious difference, so I’d recommend at least 4 hours…If you can wait!
4. Gather some friends… or heck, keep all of this goodness for yourself {but maybe make a half batch then!}
5. Pour over ice, add a splash of club soda, garnish, and enjoy!

Pro Tip 1: The spicier the cider, the better the sangria, so feel free to add a little extra cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves!
Pro Tip 2: If you’re really in the mood for something fun, try a delicious cinnamon-sugar rim!

Alright, Mama! You got this holiday season! Pour yourself a glass of this fabulous Holiday Sangria, and get your merry on!

Perfect Fall Sangria | Denver Metro Moms Blog


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