Relax, Leave the Cleaning to the Professionals


cleaningpicThis post is sponsored by CottageCare Cleaners. That being said, stop what you’re doing (because you’re probably vacuuming with one hand while scanning this article on your smart phone with the other) and make a change! Choose to do something for yourself and call CottageCare Cleaners.

Here’s what I love about them:

They’re eco friendly. That’s huge! I don’t need a service cleaning my house top to bottom with chemicals that are harmful to my children and my pets. I’d rather it just stay dirty!

They’re professional, courteous, and responsible. When I called to set up my first appointment I was given a lot of information about the actual cleaning. For example, over 165 tasks are completed in your home during the cleaning. Well halleluiah, because I can barely complete 1 task associated with my home on a regular basis! I was then given a follow-up call to confirm the time and date of the appointment. During the cleaning, a manager stopped by just to check in and make sure everything was to my liking (umm yes, things are getting cleaned and Mama likes it!). Finally, the next day I was given a call to make sure everything was perfect and they hadn’t missed anything. Now that’s service!

They bring their own stuff. I didn’t have to scour my laundry room for old rags, empty my overflowing vacuum canister so they could borrow it, or run to the store at the last minute for toilet cleaner. They came with everything they needed to get the job done right.

My husband commented on how clean our shower looked. That means 1) he noticed something was different and since when do men go around noticing things? 2) I am obviously terrible at cleaning showers and needed the professional help.

I didn’t have to do it. I’m a stay-at-home mom of 3, who works from home. Nap times are go times for my job, which leaves my house at the bottom of my to do list. Instead of spending my morning pretending to listen to my kids as I scrubbed a toilet, I took them for a walk, completed a fall art project we used from the leaves we collected, shuffled them to swim lessons and a doctor’s appointment, and celebrated not having to clean the house with a Starbucks run! I’d much rather leave the cleaning to the professionals and the fun mom stuff to me!

There’s nothing better than coming home to a clean house that you did not clean. What can I say, I felt like a goddess!

Cottage Care | Denver Metro Moms BlogIf you too want some freedom from house chores, check them out on social media and give them a call! You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, or at their website:

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