So, What Does a Mom Know?


Always feeling like you have mom-brain? Like you don’t know anything? Here’s a little reminder of what you do know:

Good morning. It’s 3 am. Can’t find your stuffy?

Mom knows where it is.

mom knows


Good morning again! It’s time to wake up!

Mom makes sure your favorite breakfast is always in the fridge. Mom knows how you like the peel cut off of your apples. Mom makes sure to tell you the peel is the healthiest part. Mom knows you still won’t eat it.

Mom brushes your hair. And your teeth. Mom knows it’ll be a fight, but we have to do it anyway.

Mom drinks coffee.

Mom makes sure we all own pants that fit. Basically fit. Mom gets us dressed.

It’s the weekend!

Mom makes sure we have shoes. And jackets. Mom keeps us in markers. Mom signs us up for swimming. And soccer. And music class. Mom knows we need activities.

Mom knows if she has to sing “Hello Everybody” one more time she might lose it. Mom sings it anyway.

It’s lunch time!

Mom makes lunch that no one eats. Mom knows she still needs to make it.

Mom helps make a potty chart. Mom eats all the M&Ms she bought for potty training. Mom buys more M&Ms. Mom knows she might eat all of those too.

It’s dress up day at school!

Mom has a necklace you can wear. Mom knows you want an Elsa braid. Mom knows it’ll be toast by the end of the day.

It’s dinner time!

Mom suggests we go out for dinner. Mom orders for everyone. Mom makes sure we have enough napkins. And forks and knives and high chairs. Mom brings sippy cups. And snacks in case we don’t like the food the restaurant serves. Mom knows we might all eat goldfish anyway.

Got an owie?

Mom has three different kinds of band aids to choose from. Mom knows how to cure eczema. And a sore throat. And a skinned knee.

Mom gives hugs. And back rubs. Mom knows how to make it better.

You’re growing up! You have interests!

Mom surfs Pinterest for craft ideas. Mom tells you to ask your teacher to help you do crafts. Mom knows she sucks at crafts.

It’s bedtime!

Mom fights you to the death to get your pajamas on. Mom knows you’ll get cold without them. Mom reads books. Mom knows you need to read Mr. Paint Pig at least 17 times before you go to sleep. Mom has your duck. And your blanket. And your pillow.

You’re asleep!

Don’t even think about getting out of bed. Mom will know.

Hey Mom, tell us what else you know in the comments below!


  1. Mom’s know we need sunscreen, how to plug up the car dvd/ipad to the hotel tv without instructions, how to hide veggies in lots of foods, keep an eye on the weather and times of places before heading out. Mom knows to never run out of milk, how to clean the clothes and get stains out of your favorite blankie.
    Love the article. I could list a million other things for “wife’s know everything”


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