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Believe it or not, I have never been skiing in the 5 years my little family has lived in Colorado. Truth be told, it scares me a little, and I am more than happy to stick with the tamer winter activities that our great state has to offer. Fortunately, there are lots of options for families in this amazing state we call home.

From tubing to snowshoeing to ice skating, here are some outdoor winter activities for your family to try this winter:

{if you do want skiing tips, check this post out!}


This is as classic as winter activities get! Sledding is great because you can pretty much do it anywhere, and it’s free! From the neighborhood hill to the mountains, here some places to check out:

  • Ruby Hill Park – Ruby Hill is arguably the most popular sledding hill in the city (at South Platte River Road and Florida). It’s actually run by Winter Park Ski Resort in conjunction with Denver Parks and Recreation. Come check it out the next time it snows—lights stay on until 9 pm!
  • Meyer Ranch Park – This hill is a fantastic option if you want to get out of town a little bit, but don’t have time to get to far into the mountains (or let’s be real: you want to avoid I-70 at all costs). It’s conveniently located off of 285 between Conifer and Bailey. Make a day of it by having lunch in nearby Morrison.
  • Hidden Valley – If you want a true mountain sledding experience, head to the sledding hill in Rocky Mountain National Park. There is even a warming hut.

Ice Skating

Channel your inner Michelle Kwan and impress your kids with your triple lutz. Ok, kidding. I was only just reminded that I am no longer as spry as I once was. Go to:

  • Evergreen Lake House – For a scenic ice skating trip, you can’t beat Evergreen Lake House. They have a big lake house to rent skates and stay warm, and a huge area of the lake is used for outdoor ice skating. They have walkers readily available for beginning skaters, and we even saw parents ice skate while pulling little ones too young to skate on sleds.
  • Southwest Rink at Skyline – Head downtown to 16th and Arapahoe for some free ice skating (with $2 rentals, if you don’t have your own) before February 16th!


Tubing is probably one of my favorite winter activities—mostly because of the little conveyor belts that move you back up the hill so you don’t have to walk—or drag your screaming toddler.

  • Copper Mountain – Copper Mountain has a great tubing hill (pre-book for the best deal), and if you have a large range of ages for your kids, check out their Critterland — a mini tubing hill and tube carousel (for $10, and parents are free) for those who may need to ease into tubing.
  • Frasier Tubing Hill – Minutes from Winter Park, the historic Frasier Tubing Hill has been a family owned and operated business since 1971. Fun for ages 3 and up (the littlest ones need to ride with an adult), Frasier Tubing Hill is a don’t-miss Colorado winter activity!


I have a soft spot for snowshoeing—we went on a guided tour when we first visited Colorado and were deciding if we were going to move here. After a beautiful jaunt in Rocky Mountain National Park, I’d say the decision was pretty easy.

  • Bear Lake Trail – Rocky Mountain National Park. A favorite hiking trail in the summer, it’s no different in the winter. If you need snowshoes, check out Estes Park Mountain Shop.
  • Frisco Nordic Center – This is a great option if you are going snowshoeing with little kids. The trails are well groomed, and the views are incredible. I took my son on this trail when he was a baby in a baby pack, but if you have older kids, how cute are these little snowshoes?!
  • If you’re up in Steamboat Springs, we have also gone snowshoeing at Fish Creek Falls and it was GORGEOUS.

Sleigh Riding

Nothing says laid back, old fashioned, winter activities like a horse drawn sleigh ride in the mountains. Here are just a few options:

  • Two-Below Zero – My husband and I did this for an anniversary date one year and I have to say, it remains one of my favorite things we have ever done in Colorado. You take a horse drawn sleigh ride to a heated tent with a show and delicious meal. If you have older kids and teens, it would be a super special family memory.
  • Sombrero Ranch – Located near Winter Park, you can choose to have a sleigh ride during the day, or do a dinner sleigh ride.

What are some of your favorite outdoor winter activities to do with your family? Where are your favorite places to go?


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