Ten Must Haves for your Summer Diaper Bag and Vehicle


Summer is fast approaching, time to prep the good ol’ diaper bag!

And by “bag,” I of course mean backpack. It’s life changing. I’m not being dramatic. I really love this one. There is a pocket for everything, it’s lightweight and durable. Hands free is the way to go when you’re out and exploring! Make the switch, you can thank me later. 

My top ten items to keep in your summer bag are…

  1. Wipes – Although our girls are 4 and 6, I carry these bad boys everywhere. We use them for sticky spills, cleaning the car/car seats, wiping noses, tables… you name it!
  2. Emergency kit – In our little emergency bag you can find Lavender Oil (did you know it gets gum that your daughter somehow adheres to the fold in her neck off painlessly? – I do!), mini first aid kit (bandaids and ointment), a small sewing kit, safety pin, matches, and a nail clipper. An experienced mama told me about keeping nail clippers in the diaper bag and I owe her. We use them often!
  3. Cloth diaper insert – Very absorbent for spills or drying off a slide that still has water on it from the sprinklers or morning dew.
  4. Hats – Once the summer sun rolls around, I throw two cloth bucket hats into our diaper bag. They stay there all summer and definitely save the girls a sunburn or two.
  5. Sunscreen stick – For those play dates that last a little long and put you spending time outside in peak sun hours.
  6. Bug Spray – We make homemade bug spray from essential oils. This comes in handy on our mountain picnics when I fail to remember just how many bugs live in the mountains. 
  7. Colored Pencils – Swap out any crayons you have in your bag for child entertainment for miniature colored pencils. Nobody has time for melted crayon all over their new diaper bag backpack.

Keep in the car… 

Grab a blue IKEA bag (or any large bag) to keep in your trunk, they are the perfect size to be a catch all.

  1. A towel or two – It’s summer and there’s unexpected water time or the need to sit on the grass. 
  2. Buckets and shovels – For park time fun, I’m always amazed at how these two things can keep our girls busy at any park.
  3. A blanket – Super helpful for picnics or wrapping up on a cooler summer night.

What do you keep in your summer bag? I want to know, I’m a sucker for being prepared!


  1. Hi Jen,
    Thanks for taking the time to read this post! Yes, this bag is perfect for two in diapers. I still carry quite a few items as daily carry-ons and am able to get three coats and three water bottles in the bag.

  2. I know your girls are older now – but do you think that backpack would be adequate for having two kids still in diapers?


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