Mama’s Got a Need for Speed – K1 Speed

We are so thankful our sponsors at K1 Speed asked us to share with you what fun there is to be had in Littleton at the best indoor go kart facility we’ve ever been to!

Mama's Got a Need for Speed - K1 Speed | Denver Metro Moms BlogDo you have a need for some speed? Are you looking for a fabulous idea for a night out with your significant other, a group date plan that will wow your friends, or the perfect location for a teen party? Well then, put down the diaper bag, pull your hair back, grab your pals, and look no further! We’ve got a recommendation that will fulfill everyone’s need for a little competition, and a lot of exciting speed!

Always looking to check out new spots for getting out and about in Denver, the moms here at Denver Metro Moms Blog were excited when we arrived at this awesome facility. K1 Speed in Littleton is clean, modern, and full of fun around every corner! We couldn’t wait to check out the go-karts, and were ready to get down to business – racing.

The go karts at K1 Speed are seriously thrilling. They are fast, we’re told they’re the fastest in the industry. For all you gear heads, each adult kart has a 20 horse power electric motor that reaches speeds up to 45 miles per hour! Don’t worry though mamas, the teen racers are safe, as the junior karts for racers between 4 feet and 4 feet 10 inches tall only reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. Everyone is also securely buckled in, and outfitted with a racing helmet to make sure our heads and necks are well guarded during the fun! Aside from being fast, these karts are also electric – which means you’re not breathing in exhaust and other fumes that you aren’t crazy about for yourself or your family – the air is clean and the go karts are environmentally friendly!

Mama's Got a Need for Speed - K1 Speed | Denver Metro Moms BlogK1 Speed brings the thrill and excitement of indoor go kart racing and the amenities of a large indoor entertainment venue a spacious lounge, meeting rooms, video games, pool tables, and more. We at Denver Metro Moms Blog give K1 Speed our stamp of approval, and can’t wait to return for a fun night out with our significant others, teen kiddos, and friends!

We had so much fun checking out K1 Speed in Littleton and hope you’ll check it out, and tell them we sent you!


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