Redefining the McDonald’s Menu

We are so thankful for our sponsors at McDonald's for providing this informational story of the steps McDonald's is taking to redefine their food quality.

Jessi Bucar-Standridge began her career at McDonald’s when she was just 15 years old. Her family owns three restaurants in the Denver metro area, and earlier this year – after completing McDonald’ intensive owner/operator program – Jessi officially became a McDonald’s operator herself in the Denver metro area. Jessi’s parents met working at McDonald’s, so you could say she’s been part of the McDonald’s family since birth. 

Having grown up in a McDonald’s family, Jessi understands that McDonald’s, being the largest Quick Service Restaurant in the world, often gets a “bad rap” with untruths about their food. We were excited to learn more about some of these untruths and recent changes to their menu.

McDonald's DenverAt McDonald’s, food safety, cleanliness standards and food quality are the best in the industry. In fact, McDonald’s cracks fresh eggs each and every day for their Egg McMuffin sandwiches and receive delivery of fresh produce, milk and eggs 2-3 times a week at each of their restaurants. McDonald’s also takes health and safety standards VERY seriously at each and every restaurant. 

Earlier this year, McDonald’s throughout the United States recently announced a number of moves across its menu as they continue to evolve and redefine what quality means to their customers. More than ever, people care where there food comes from, what’s in it and how it’s prepared. Recently, McDonald’s has accelerated their efforts and is taking steps to better inform customers of the strides they’re taking to better their menu. Just a few examples of changes that have been made this year include: 

  • Removing artificial preservatives from several items, which also don’t have artificial colors or flavors, including the iconic Chicken McNuggets. Across the breakfast menu, the pork sausage patties and omeletstyle eggs served on McGriddles, Bagel and Biscuit breakfast sandwiches, along with the scrambled eggs on the breakfast platters, also now have no artificial preservatives.
  • Buns that do not contain high fructose corn syrup, including the buns used on Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, hamburgers and cheeseburgers, Filet-O-Fish and McChicken sandwiches. The Artisan roll introduced in 2015 never contained high fructose corn syrup.
  • Completing a major commitment to only serve chicken not treated with antibiotics nearly a year ahead of schedule.

mcdonald's denver

In total, these changes touch ingredients in nearly half of the food on McDonald’s menu. 

“Our customers are top priority and we are redefining our menu to ensure the food we’re proud of is food our customers will feel good about eating,” said Jessi. “We understand the importance of quality and are excited to continue to provide our customers with the best ingredients out there.” 

Food quality and preparation is something that is continuously being redefined in this country and McDonald’s owner/operators throughout the state and country are eager to stay on the forefront of those changes. Involvement in the communities in which they serve is something that is very important to local owner/operators. In fact, over 50 individuals in Colorado – just like Jessi and her family – run their own small businesses as McDonald’s owner/operators, give back 44 cents of EVERY dollar earned to the Colorado economy and employ over 12,500 local Coloradoans throughout the state!

For more information about McDonald’s and the recent changes they have made to their menu, visit


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