More than a McJob: A Successful McDonald’s Journey

We are so thankful for our sponsors at McDonald's for providing this inspiring story of how their Archways to Opportunity English Under the Arches program has had such a positive impact on Romelia Mijares' career.

mcdonalds english archways to opportunity program

Romelia Mijares knows first hand the countless opportunities McDonald’s provides for their employees. Mijares is a closing manager for the Bucar family, local McDonald’s owner/operators in the Denver Metro area. 

Mijares came to the United States 16 years ago and got her first job at McDonald’s. She started off as a crewmember and held that position for 7 years. From there, Mijares continued to work her way up and is now a closing manager. “There are so many opportunities at McDonald’s,” said Mijares. “If you are determined and motivated, the opportunities are endless.” 

Not knowing how to speak English when she came to the U.S. made it difficult for Mijares to interact with McDonald’s customers. McDonald’s offers a number of trainings for managers, but Mijares was excited to learn about McDonald’s Archways to Opportunity English Under the Arches program free for employees. Through this program, Mijares has been provided with more opportunities to grow within the McDonald’s organization, have better communication with crew, customers and her managers alike. The English Under the Arches program has even motivated Mijares to further her education through Archways To Opportunity tuition assistance programs. 

Mijares is a single mother of a 13-year old son named Kevin and McDonald’s has given her the opportunity to support her family and provide such a positive example to him. At the beginning, flexible hours weren’t as important, but after she had children, she realized how incredibly important that was. “McDonald’s has given me the option to work around my kids’ schedules, which is a huge help when you’re raising a family,” said Mijares. “McDonald’s is FAMILY to me and that’s why I’ve continued working at McDonald’s all these years.” 

Through McDonald’s Archways To Opportunity program, Mijares is now able to understand and speak English, which has made a huge difference in her life. Mijares enjoys her ‘McJob’ and looks forward to the endless opportunities that lie ahead. 

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