5 Tips for Making New Mom-Friends


MakingOnce upon a time, I was a new mom, new to Denver, with no local mom friends. I repeat, not-a-one.

It was a lonely and isolating time for me, but if you are in that boat I am here to tell you that the situation can change. Hallelujah! I’ve found that more often that not, mommy-hood is a club that we enter and thankfully it’s open to all.

Here are some mama-meeting tips that worked for me.

ONE. Put yourself out there.

Get out of the house often and go to places where other people with young children are likely going.

Some suggestions are:
1) Your neighborhood park.
2) Your local library for Story Time (and if you’re local library doesn’t seem like your crowd, try a different one nearby).
3) Music or activity class.
4) A MOPs (Mother of Preschoolers) group in your area.
5) Workout groups: there are some great local work-out groups geared towards moms: Stroller Strides is all over the Denver Metro area and not only can you get a great work-out, but they have tons of social events as well. Hot Mamas and Belly Bliss are class-oriented boutique gyms with diverse, intense work-outs geared towards moms.

My point here is to put yourself in situations that your child will enjoy, and also where you will have the opportunity to meet other moms in similar situations as you.

And then:

TWO. Make the first move.

The very first friend I met in Denver was while my husband and I were eating dinner at the Cherry Creek Grill bar. True story.

Here’s how it went down: there was another couple sitting next to us, cute girl, and I felt like we could be friends. We made eye contact. One of us initiated conversation. And then, at the end of the night she said to me “I know this may sound weird but can I have your number? Would you want to hang out sometime?” This is how it works people. Be friendly with strangers and than be bold. Don’t let someone get away that you meet and click with. Get their digits. Yes, it’s just like dating.

THREE. Follow-up.

Okay, you’ve put yourself out there and you’ve made the first move. Now that you’ve got yourself a potential mom-friend, don’t forget to reach out to her! Invite her over for a playdate, park date, lunch date – whatever, just do it!

FOUR. Be yourself.

You may be nervous, and that’s okay. Just relax and don’t be someone you’re not. We all want to be liked, but when we try to cater ourselves to the other person, it is easy to see right through the phony. So relax, be yourself, don’t try to force the friendship, and be confident that YOU are a like-able person. Because, YOU ARE!


FIVE. Let it go if it’s not a match.

Let’s not revert back to our middle school selves who were devastated when someone didn’t like us. I think we all know by now that not everyone clicks, and that is okay; do not take it personal. Mom friends that click easily are typically in similar situations; i.e. living in the same neighborhood, same age children, same number of children, and in some cases same gender of children. So if after a few times of hanging out if she doesn’t return your texts, just let it go. And get back out there!

Making new friends can be a little intimidating because it requires us to be vulnerable. But gals, push through the uncomfortable because friendships are such a critical part of this mom-gig. Your mom-friends will lift you up and are great partners to add to your village. After all, we are in it together.

What about you, how did you meet your best mom-friends?

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Lauren is a proud Texan turned Denverite for life. She lived in Denver's Platt Park neighborhood for four fabulous and fun-filled years, and recently moved further south near Cherry Creek State Park and the Denver Tech Center. She is a stay-at-home-mom of two kids under three, and being a mom brings more joy and completeness than she ever imagined. She is happy, but tired, mostly tired. In her former life sans kiddos, she had the job of her dreams in the non-profit/event-planning world, which took her all over the country including Dallas, New York, Las Vegas and finally Denver. Somewhere in the middle she met a man who loved the mountains, married him in 2010, left Texas for good and had two sweet and handsome little boys. She was shocked when they let her take the first one home without an instruction manual. Alas, she is daily figuring out motherhood through trial and error, good community, and a whole lot of grace. Her favorite things are coffee and chardonnay, books and baths, and quiet time, which she happily looks forward to in 18-years. She writes over at Happy Haven Blog about all things home and family. You can follow her daily adventures at Happy Haven Blog's Facebook Page.


  1. I ended up joining the PTO at my son’s school and working with lots of moms– some part of the PTO and others volunteering at the school. I am so grateful for that opportunity! It can be hard to network through play groups some times if your child has special needs and/or doesn’t get along with the child of whomever you’re getting to know, but things like school and the workout groups you mentioned are nice for adult interaction.


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