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Local mom, Alison Rieke is an avid skier and self-proclaimed fitness fanatic. Yoga, weights, cardio, group classes, kettle bells, spin, barre. You name it, she has probably tried it. After her second baby was born, Alison set herself on a regimen of exercise and healthy eating – with the goal of getting healthy and strong.

Five months later, after 5 days a week dedicated workouts and healthy meal planning Alison had lost 12 pounds, and still felt like she looked five months pregnant. {An unsolicited “congratulations” from a stranger on a family trip to Mexico did not help the situation.} Alison felt like she had tried her best and was very frustrated- results were just not coming like they had after her first pregnancy.


Enter: Plexus. It was totally different than anything she had seen before. It wasn’t a diet, not a meal replacement, not a even a quick fix but people were achieving amazing weight loss results in a very healthy way- they were burning fat and building muscle. The products were plant-based and had been approved by many doctors for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. That alone convinced her that the products were something she should consider. Alison has had amazing results! In the past 3 months she has lost over 12 pounds and is getting lean. Alison has now become an Independent Ambassador for Plexus Worldwide, and wants to share the amazing results she has seen with moms all over Denver!

One lucky reader won a 30 day supply of Plexus Slim & a measuring tape to see their real results {$90 value}



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