Contributor Spotlight: Meet Kristina N!


Kristina N gives us the scoop on her #momlife and her previous life as an otter!

Meet Kristina N | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Kid Situation: “Proud mama to a darling 2 year old girl”

Hometown: “Boston, MA/Dallas, TX. I have been in Boulder for 8 months and lived in Denver for a total of 3 years before.”

Job Situation: “I’m a currently a stay at home mom who aspires to sleep more one day!”

I’m passionate about . . . “loving unconditionally, hugs, my family”

When I’m not in “mom mode” . . . “I LOVE reading. Being a mom has reconnected me with my love of reading. Some days it’s my only escape. I also love a good dance party and can’t say no to a good beat. Luckily my daughter has inherited this trait as well.”

My tagline is . . . “‘You do you boo boo.’ I can’t remember what this is from but I feel like I just started saying it randomly after seeing it somewhere. It’s like, I don’t care, do whatever works for you. It’s super important for me to remind myself of this as a mom because pretty much everyone who casts a shadow has an opinion about parenting and sometimes you just need to trust yourself and do you boo boo.”

My mom style is . . . “I’m way more laidback than I thought I would be. A sample conversation: “Oh, you want to eat that pretzel from your carseat that has probably been there for at least a month? Ok girl, you do you boo boo.”

My favorite indulgence is . . . “Chocolate, mimosas, young adult novels (preferably of the dystopian type), reality tv.”

My spirit animal is . . . “I believe I was an otter in anotter life. My husband and I are obsessed with otters. It’s our thing. No real reason except for the fact that they are cute and hold hands when they sleep.”

I never leave the house without . . . “snacks and sunglasses!”

Here’s what’s in my purse right now . . . “Sadly, nothing exciting. Just call me Ms. Practical. I’ve got a wallet, water bottle, 2 random straws, sunglasses, 3 things of chapstick that I have to secretly apply so my daughter doesn’t steal them, a little hand lotion, no big deal.”

Our typical Saturday looks like . . . “I have the best husband so he usually tries to let me relax in bed while he gets up with my daughter and makes breakfast. If I can’t go back to sleep, which is almost always, I usually read or waste time on social media. When I grace everyone with my presence it’s a big celebration and my daughter, who was most likely fine when I was not in the room, starts clinging to me and demanding I snuggle her. If I’m lucky she lets me eat breakfast and we get ready for whatever activity we have planned that day.”

What I most love about being a mother is . . . “Making my daughter laugh and giving her lots of hugs and snuggles. I am loving seeing her little personality come out more and listening to her talk. She is such a riot (and a little too much like her mother).”

My secret to balancing it all is. . . “Is this a trick question? Does pleading the fifth admit my guilt? Ok ok, fifth grade math teacher, I admit it. I haven’t been balancing my checkbook for years. Years! I’m sorry! Wait, this is about parenting and life and stuff? Yeahhhh, I’m not doing that either. Next question.”

My most treasured material possession is . . . “Currently, my humidifier. We tried to live without one for like a month when we were in between humidifiers and it was horrible. Never again.”

My favorite smell is . . . “chocolate chip cookies but the smell of stargazer lilies is a close second”

The title of my autobiography is . . . “I’m Just an Alligator Swimming in the Ocean: Things I’ve Said While Half Asleep”

There’s this weird thing about me . . . “I am really terrified of bees. After beeing (perfect typo, not fixing it) afraid of bees for my whole life I finally got stung at age 27 and it was everything I feared. I literally screamed and threw my purse on the ground while jumping around in a parking lot. Now whenever I scream my daughter automatically says in a cheerful voice, “a bee!” I am trying to cover up this fear unsuccessfully it seems.

My favorite things to do in the metro area are . . . “We love exploring new playgrounds and going to music class. Outside of structured activities we probably spend the most time at the library. The libraries in Boulder are awesome.”

We’re having so much fun with Kristina on the #DMMBContributorTeam and hope you’re loving her posts as much as we are!


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