Contributor Spotlight:: Meet Leah S


Get to know our contributor Leah S. a little better as she shares all the details on her likes, dislikes, and what makes her smile!

Meet Leah S | Denver Me

Kid Situation: “Two rambunctious kiddos; 3 year old daughter and 13 month old son”

Hometown: “I am a Denver girl! I have lived here my entire life, minus a few years in Scottsdale, AZ right after college.!”

Job Situation: “Part time I’m at home and part time, I’m at the office”

When I’m not in “mom mode” or writing contributor posts for DMMB, I enjoy. . . “So I absolutely love cooking and trying new recipes. Our family focus is on healthier eating this year, so it’s been fun finding new recipes. I also love to take long walks with the kiddos or in our neighborhood, enjoy a nice trip to the mall, yoga, and of course having a good glass of wine with friends. ”

My tagline is . . . “Coffee First – Shenanigans Later! ”

I’m passionate about . . . “my family is my world, cooking/trying new recipes, yoga, hiking!”

My favorite indulgence is . . . “a nice glass of Chardonnay or Pinto Noir”

I never leave the house without . . . “My wallet, chapstick and sunglasses. It is CO and just because it’s cloudy in the morning doesn’t mean the sun won’t be shining at noon.”

Weirdest thing in my purse right now . . . “Two small bottles of hand lotion, chapstick, wallet, cell phone, a bill to pay online, and a Christmas card (that I have somehow yet to remove since December).”

What I most love about being a mother is . . . “I love that my kiddos will always hug and love on me regardless of their day. They have brought more joy and meaning to my life than I ever thought possible.”

On a typical Saturday . . . “We get up as a family of four (five if you count our sweet black lab!), cook breakfast which is typically Saturday Pancakes with berries. Then we realize we are late for my three year old’s swim lessons so we hustle and bustle around the house, cleaning up and getting out of the house.”

My favorite smell is . . . “Pine tree candle/anything Holiday Season smelling!”

My spirit animal is . . . “I would be a dog, probably a lab, who can somehow indulge in sweets and wine. I am loyal, love to cuddle with my family and always love a good indulgence with those close to me.”

My mom style is . . . “I am the yoga pants and messy hair-don’t care mom. I love to have fun with my kids, and want them to have different life experiences, which is why I try to enroll them in various activities. I believe that balance is also good, yes, my three year old loves tv, but also plays outside a lot. The key is moderation in all.”

My favorite things to do in the metro area are . . . “We love going to all of the parks and just exploring the city. Finding new areas to walk or a new playground is always a huge hit.”

My most treasured material possessions are . . . “I cannot live without my wedding/engagement ring and my necklace that has the two initials of my kiddos. Okay, I know it’s two things, but these symbolize what is most important to me. My cell phone is a distant third.”

My secret to balancing it all is . . . “There is no secret. When I find myself motivated I don’t fight it, but rather use that motivation to get things done. When I need a break, I take it, and listen to my body and intuition. You can’t keep going all of the time, or you’ll eventually break!”

The title of my autobiography would be . . . “Good Things Come To Those Who Are Patient”

So, there’s this strange thing about me . . . I absolutely HATE styrofoam; the texture and sound is terrible. I am getting goose bumps typing this.”

We’re love having Leah on the #DMMBContributorTeam!


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