Contributor Spotlight:: Meet Rhonda


We’ve got all the details on the #momlife of our contributor, Rhonda W! Get to know this busy SUPER-mom of five {yes, FIVE!}!

Contributor Spotlight : Meet Rhonda

Kid situation?: FIVE little ones keep me busy: Devin-15, Harley-8, Darrin-5, Harper-2, and Dean 10 months

Job situation?: I have a very part-time job at UCHealth. I spend the rest of my time trying to get all of my kids where they’re supposed to be with clothes that are clean(ish)

Native? Or “Not so Native”?: Native! Proud to be from Windsor, CO!

Describe your mom style:

{Besides being an awesome DMMB Contributor } What are your passions?: I’m passionate about my kiddos and making time for momma – SO important to take care of yourself!

When you’re not in full on mom mode, what do you enjoy doing?: I love cooking and baking, reading, watching Friends re-runs, and spending more time coordinating my time out than actually going out.

What’s your tagline or mantra?: “I can do this!”

Any indulgences?: ice cream from Baskin Robbins!

Favorite metro activities for kiddos?: We LOVE the Denver Museum of Nature and Science!

What’s your spirit animal?: seriously a unicorn . . . they’re beautiful and imaginary – like my mind

What’s the one thing you NEVER leave the house without?: Eyeliner

What’s the strangest thing in your purse?: One chopstick…not a chopstick set…just one stick.

What is the title of your autobiography?: This Crazy Life!

What does your typical Saturday look like?: Right now? Out the door no later than 7 am to head to the next wrestling tournament with the whole crew. There, we hang out trying to keep the baby from eating whatever he found in the bleachers, the toddler from jumping from the stairs, and making sure the wrestler makes it to his match.

After wrestling some family time is on the list, either hanging out with my mom and sister or the in-laws and very occasionally enjoying some time with just the husband {whew! I’m tired…is it Sunday yet?!}

What do you most love about being a mother?: I love love love watching the people my kiddos are becoming. It is the most rewarding and frustrating part. Watching them make mistakes and celebrating their good choices is the best part of being a mom.

What is your favorite smell?: Fresh laundry {which is strange since I highly dislike actually doing the laundry!}

What is your most treasured material possession? My body pillow. I sleep so much more comfortable with it. I miss sleep. {Don’t we all?!}

Any strange or funny fears?: I have this ridiculous fear/hatred of moths. Those flying puffs of dirt have no purpose except to torment me all summer long.

What’s your mom style?: Laid back…mostly

What’s your secret to balancing it all?: What? That’s funny. Trial and error…lots and lots of error!

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