Mama Must Haves From My New Happy Place, Costco

Denver Metro Moms Blog and the City Moms Blog Network are thrilled to announce our first annual Costco Mom Hour. We love Costco and are excited to partner with them! Costco provided us with $100 in Kirkland Signature products, but as you’ll see, we’re big fans of them with or without this partnership.

Confession time: I’m a Costco virgin — well, I was until I first ventured into the my new happy place on Monday morning.

I know what you’re thinking, “How has this woman been parenting without Costco? Where has she been buying her amazing organic produce? How have her friends not told her about all the fabulous Kirkland Signature products that she’s been missing all these years? How has she not spent a weekend afternoon enjoying all those free samples?”

Yeah, I’m wondering all of those things now too! 

I’m currently a busy mom with multiple jobs, a 2.5 year old son, and a new baby arriving in the next two weeks. When I arrived at Costco, my shopping goals were simple: 

  • Baby necessities

  • Easy, healthy, mostly organic food for my family

  • A few treats for myself (Mama is having late pregnancy cravings like woah)

I wanted the products I purchased to help simplify the next several weeks of our lives and help me feel more prepared for transitioning to a family of four. So, we polled our readers to help me make my shopping list and friends, I think I’m ready. Er — more ready.

Baby Necessities

With our first child, my husband and I found out the gender of our upcoming arrival at our 20 week ultrasound — we could not WAIT to start picking names, decorating a nursery, shopping for tiny man clothes, imagining life as a family of three. With this baby, we’ve decided that life has so few surprises, gender of this baby is going to be one. Fortunately for this busy mama, waiting has allowed me something to look forward to AND has allowed me to have a pass on decorating the nursery, shopping for tiny human clothes, picking names — all of the details I had stressed about and spent so much time on the first time around. Unfortunately for me, this also means that I haven’t really done ANY planning.

Costco - My New Happy Place | DMMBWalking into Costco the other day I was determined to get some things to help ready us for the baby – boy or girl – even just to make me feel a little more prepared. I had heard rave reviews about the Kirkland Signature diapers and wipes and knew that regardless of gender, the babe would need these key items. Of course, I purchased the biggest boxes I could find! I also snagged some baby wash and lotion — just for good measure. 

Easy, healthy, (mostly organic) food for my family

Costco - My New Happy Place | DMMBI know from experience that the last few weeks pre-baby and the first few weeks post-baby are EXHAUSTING. Since cooking is usually (almost always) my deal, I knew we needed some items that would be healthy grab and go or would require minimal prep. I’m a really big proponent of starting the day off right with breakfast, and Costco’s selection did not disappoint. Cold brew organic coffee for the hubbs, organic granola for me, Noosa yoghurt for my son, a pumpkin spice pancake mix I couldn’t resist, and evol egg and green chile breakfast burritos for us all will keep the family fed and get our days going right – even when we haven’t slept much.

For lunch and dinner selections, I hit up the frozen food section and got a number of delicious, easy, and healthy options. An organic chicken, quinoa, and kale dinner blend will be super easy for my husband to prep, and the organic bean, rice, and cheese burritos are a great grab and go option.

Snacks to keep us all going between meals and a few treats for me rounded out my shopping goals. To be totally honest, I’m not great about getting enough protein or staying hydrated – I knew I needed to get a few things to help myself out. Kirkland Signature almonds and organic cashews will be perfect for me to keep around. To help with hydration as I embark on round two of breastfeeding (I don’t like water — I know! Judge away!) I picked up some individual packets of Crystal Light to add some flavor to the gallons of water I’ll be choking down. 

Denver Moms' Favorite Kirkland Signature Products
Truth be told, I was seriously impressed by Costco — their selection and prices really CANNOT be beat, and their Kirkland Signature products seem amazing. Oh yeah — and don’t get me started on the samples at Costco! I can’t wait to try out some of our reader favorites and will be stocking up at our upcoming Costco Moms Hour — tiny new babe in tow – hope to see you all there!

Denver Metro Moms Blog Costco Mom Hour

Have you been considering a Costco membership?! 
Have you never been to a Costco?! 
Are you a member but want swag, giveaways, free breakfast, and fun with other moms?!

Join us for #CostcoMomHour!

Who :: All Denver area moms {and their kids}

When :: Friday, November 4 | 9:00 – 10:00am

Where :: Costco Warehouses in Arvada and Littleton {Park Meadows}

Why :: In partnership with City Moms Blog Network, dozens of Cotsco stores are opening up an hour early JUST for moms. This is your chance to shop for an hour without the masses OR – if you are not yet a member – come see what the Costco fuss is all about. Note :: you do need to be a member in order to make a purchase, but you can browse for free either way!

SAVE $20 ON A MEMBERSHIP :: We’ve got an exclusive membership deal for you!  Every new member who signs up below will receive a $20 Costco Cash Card and $43 in coupons!  This offer pays for itself!  If you upgrade to an executive membership, you’ll receive a second $20 Costco Cash Card!   Can’t make it to Costco Mom Hour?  You can still claim this exclusive deal!  Just register below and redeem the offer in store anytime between now and November 4!

Special extras :: At the event, you can expect a continental breakfast and coffee, as well as samples galore throughout the store … the first 100 moms in line will also receive a swag bag full of Kirkland goodies … and during the event there will be some fun giveaways to win as well! There will also be friendly staff members on hand for guided tours and questions.

Cost :: FREE

RSVP :: Join the Facebook event page for updated information and register below {you MUST register in advance}.


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