Dear Girl: What I Want You to Know on International Women’s Day


International Women's Day

Dear Girl,

Happy International Women’s Day, my beautiful double X-chromosoned baby. You are so lucky to be a part of our world’s brave, powerful tribe called Female. Women are awesome. And when we band together we’re even more awesome. That’s our biggest strength. Our superpower. And something I hope you carry with you as you grow-up and learn to navigate the twists and turns of your life.

More Than a Moment in Time

These times are special. They hold a lot of weight. They are trying, yet they are inspiring. I’m certain these are the years you will read about in your high school history books. You see, you came into the world the same day our country got a new President. And on the very second day of your life, as we were getting to know each other in the sacred bubble of our quiet hospital room, millions of women were marching around the world to band their voices together against inequality of all forms. 13 months later, how loud this united voice is. How much louder it will be when you start to develop your own sense of womanhood.

Let Yourself be Emboldened

So, today on International Women’s Day, I want you to know the power that the brave act of one girl, supporting another girl can hold. It won’t be easy. Life is designed to make us uncomfortable. It can shake our confidence. It can make us jealous and competitive; spiteful and angry. But when we choose kindness and empathy over selfishness by standing up for a friend in need, being there for someone during a hard time, advocating for a colleague, praising someone’s successes, or speaking the truth no matter how scary it might feel, that’s when our voice grows stronger. It’s what unleashes our superpower.

Find the Value in the Voice

How lucky you are to have a whole lifetime ahead of you to fill with smart, confident, courageous women. Surround yourself with this united voice. At school, on the playground, at work, and when you become a mother yourself. These female friendships are sacred. Don’t take them for granted, but let them nourish your sense of purpose. The women in your life – the ones that feel like sisters – will carry you through the highs and lows that you may be destined to face. With strong women by your side, you will never be alone. You will do amazing things and you will find your own brave voice.

Dear Girl, happy International Women’s Day to you. How lucky we are to follow in the footsteps of the world’s extraordinary women, stand alongside them, and create our own way forward together.

How are you honoring women today? What do you want girls today to know on International Women’s Day? We’d love to hear!



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Karleen is proud to be a (rare) Denver-Metro native, currently living in Broomfield with her husband and spunky toddler girl. Karleen is the Digital Marketing Manager for Visit Boulder. In a previous life, Karleen was a professional ice skater performing everywhere from theme parks to cruise ships throughout North America and Europe. Unpacking her bags permanently in the Mile High City in 2012 has been a welcome change of pace, and motherhood is the most recent adventure she’s attempting to navigate one day at a time. Karleen is a graduate of the University of Denver, which remains her most favorite neighborhood in Denver. Aside from working and toddler wrangling, Karleen can be found snuggled in bed with a good book or taking the occasional lap around the rink at the nearby YMCA.


  1. <3 this! Great article, Karlene! On point. So glad to have amazing, strong female bonds that I will cherish forever. I feel blessed to have powerful women in my life who defend me, lift me, help me, protect me, and love me fiercely. I love the reminder on International Women's Day! Thank you!


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