DMMB Contributor Spotlight: Meet Megan L.


Meet Megan L. | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Megan L let us ask her some up close and personal questions, so you can get to know her better!

Kid Situation: “One daughter, just turned 2 (going on 16)”

Hometown: “Born and raised in Sherman, TX but my parents packed us up and brought us to Colorado everysummer for pretty much my whole life. I started working in Colorado during the summers during college and after some time in north Florida, my husband and I moved to Denver 4 years ago. We’re just now starting our new adventure in the mountain town of Salida, and we are completely obsessed so far.”

I’m passionate about . . . “finding humor in the mundane, photographing children as they explore our world with abandon, and spending quality time with my beautiful family.”

My tagline is . . . “‘I do crosswords in pen.’ It completely sums up my outlook on how to live life.”

My favorite indulgence is . . . “Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food, good wine, freshly baked bread, spiced chai lattes, peach pie from the Salida farmers market, triple creme brie”

I never leave the house without . . . “My Hydroflask water bottle, a to-go mug of black coffee, my sunglasses, Rosebud Salve”

Weirdest thing in my purse right now . . . “Let’s get serious here: I only carry a diaper bag and frankly, everything is weird in there. But when I’m lucky enough to carry a real purse it never ceases to amaze me the weird stuff I find in there too. Currently there’s a receipt for a car rental place in Salt Lake City, a business card for a tattoo parlor in Denver, and a Smokey Bear whistle my daughter got at our local library.”

What I most love about being a mother is . . . “it is the most humbling experience, yet it is also the biggest power trip. You simultaneously feel like you are worthless and the most important human on the face of the earth. Motherhood is the greatest mystery–I am always in awe that it is physically possible to actually have the capacity to love something as much as your child. That feeling is complete magic.”

My favorite smell is . . . “Ooh close tie between my husband’s deodorant and Colorado pine trees. {Oh who am I kidding, it’s actually bacon.}”

I’m passionate about . . . “Music: teaching it, playing it, watching it, listening to it, studying it; my friends and my family; the mountain; bacon (even though I’m a vegetarian, it’s my weakness.)”

The title of my autobiography would be . . . “Pass the Cake: the sweet life {and inevitable stomach aches} of Megan L”

There’s this weird thing about me . . . “I can’t stand dust jackets. Every single book in our house has had the dust jacket promptly removed and discarded.”

My favorite things to do in the metro area are . . . “We love the Denver Botanic Gardens, eating sandwiches from Snarf’s in Cheeseman Park, curling up in the kids corner at the Tattered Cover downtown, getting pancakes at Snarf’s and running around Union Station, and because we still aren’t used to living away from the city, we never miss an opportunity to go to Trader Joe’s and IKEA.”

My most treasured material possession is . . . “My grandmother’s wedding ring”

My “mom style” is . . . “I try to be laid back and calm and cool and effortless but really I’m just pretending to have it all together. So I guess I’d call my parenting style ‘method acting’. But seriously, my priorities as a mother are to slow down when my daughter wants to and try to see life a little through her eyes. I don’t want to miss any of these amazing moments.”

My secret to balancing it all . . . “Fake it ’til you make it.”

We’re having so much fun with Megan on the #DMMBContributorTeam and hope you’re loving her posts as much as we are!



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