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As a millennial mom, someone who was born in the early 1980s, I am joining roughly 9 million other mothers who are generalized as a millennial. According to data from the US Census Bureau, our generation is starting to become more powerful and influential, not only in the parenting sector, but in the workforce, as well.

As a mother of two in this day and age, I see myself wholly as a millennial mom. From my “ad astra per aspera” tattoo, to my Twitter account, and to my desire to make myself Google’able, I embrace most, if not all, of our generation’s demographics.

Don’t ‘Leave it to Beaver,’ because things have definitely changed. As a young mother in your late 20s or early 30s, can you relate to any of these facts?

Millennial Moms are shaped by technology and are highly connected.Mommy First Millennial Second | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Does anyone else remember how cool MSN Messenger or AOL was? I mean, we finally had the Internet and could talk to our best friend down the street for hours. Now we have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Instagram, to only a name a few of the social network sites we use to reconnect with the sophomore prom date, whom we might otherwise like to forget.

And let’s not even talk about texting and video chats! My parents are 400 miles away and my sister is on the East Coast. When they crave a little baby time, there’s that FaceTime trill to remind us family is closer than we think.

Millennial Moms are college educated.

Mommy First Millennial Second | Denver Metro Moms BlogResearch indicates that we are the most educated generation. In fact, women have outpaced our male counterparts and have earned a Bachelor’s Degree or more. Whether or not we have the opportunity to apply it in the workforce is another story, considering our entry into the workforce was bad timing; 2008 anyone?

Millennial Moms are very influential.

Mommy First Millennial Second | Denver Metro Moms Blog

Businesses know how influential we can be, since we are very socially active, and they use it to their advantage. Of course we’re going to Instagram a picture of our OOTD at Sunday brunch with the girls. A scone never looked so good unless the Valencia filter was used. We also know everyone wants to find out how they can score the latest handbag trend at half the price. And if our bestie needs an expert opinion, we’re the one with the answer. We are all considered key advisors in our circle of friends.

Millennial Moms have a very different view on parenting.

Mommy First Millennial Second | Denver Metro Moms BlogOur role as a mother is definitely much different than that of our own moms, as we are always looking for ways to innovate and maximize our time. Whether it’s a traditional household of sharing responsibilities with our spouse/partner, single and working moms, or super moms wearing many different hats, this generation has more to do with less time. And how do we simplify our lives? Pinterest almost always has the answer. Not only that, but we crave our “me time,” and would pay almost $200 to help manage our never ending to do list.

Just like the rest of our millennial generation, we have always been about reaching for the stars. We’re not just mothers, but we are dreamers and doers. We are living out loud, and sharing it for all the world to see.

Are you a millennial mom? How do you think your parenting differs from that of previous generations?


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